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Kanye West - Cant Tell Me Nothing

R'n'B / Hip-Hop
MP3 / 192 kbps / 44.1 Khz / Joint Stereo
49 min 03 sec
70.25 MB

Long Range Shooting Simulator

Long Range Shooting Simulator | PC or MAC | ISO | 10,1 MB

This is THE popular long-range shooting, mil dot ranging training simulation. On CD for PC's or Mac's. Realistic controls, including a 20 power zoom, sound effects and scenery make this a simulation as close as you can get to field practice at home on your computer. All without wasting a single round of ammunition.

Realistic Calibers
Three calibers. Along with the standard .308, 175 grain, also practice with a Windrunner .338 and 50 caliber. The calculations for the .338 are based on a 250 grain bullet loaded and recommended by Black Hills Ammunition. Knock down targets out to 2000 yards with a 50 caliber Windrunner.

Mil dot Ranging
Practice Mil Dot ranging on three target sizes. A 12" X 12" swinging plate, a 30" X 18" knock down plate and a regulation 72" X 19" knock down plate. Each caliber has 70 different range exercises, plus an advanced stage for each caliber with 25 different timed hold-offs and moving targets.
Add in different atmospheric extremes and you get almost 300 different ranging scenarios.

This a training simulation. The result of each shot is exactly calculated to show where the bullet hits on the target. This simulation graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect the bullet in flight. The results for distance are given in both meters and yards.

Bonus Stages
The CD has five bonus stages. There are two .308 stages, one with a 168 grain bullet and one 190 grain out of a 300 WinMag. In addition, there is a .223 (5.56) , a .264, and an experimental .408 based on the Chey Tac bullet. Each bonus range has ten stages and three different target sizes.

Interactive Classrooms
Learn how to mil dot range, scope the wind, how to use a range card and engage moving targets in Classroom modules. Every shooter should understand minute of angle and exterior ballistics. These subjects and more are also explained with interactive tests. the Mil Dot classroom will answer your questions and give you the tools you need to understand and operate Mil Dot optics!

Realistic controls, including a 20 power zoom, sound effects and scenery make this a simulation as close as you can get to field practice at home on your computer.


IP Monitor v3.6

IP Monitor is a network address monitoring tool which allows you to be informed of IP address changes on a remote computer. This enables you to access a computer from a remote location, as you will always know when its address changes. Using IP Monitor you may track the internal and external network addresses for a specific machine. If a change occurs you may set up notifications by email or FTP updates. Keep track of changed addresses and access systems whose network addresses can change.

Shows your current local IP address
Useful for network administrators to see what IP address a computer has assigned to it. It is also useful for dial-up users who are issued a different IP address each time they connect. IP Monitor can help you get access to a remote computer which has a non-static IP address.

Shows your current public IP address
IP Monitor can display your external IP address. This can be different than the local/internal address if you are running on a network that has a router or firewall in place to access the Internet.

What is an IP address?
In a TCP/IP network, each network node/computer has its own unique address by which it communicates with other computers on a network. This address is known as an IP address.

Detects changes in your IP address(es)
IP Monitor tracks IP address changes on a computer. Some DSL or network providers assign dynamic IP addresses that change over time. This is to prevent you from hosting a server on a computer through a service that is not designed for this. However, there are times that a user needs to know if their computer's IP address has changed so they can take any necessary action to restart programs, file transfers or remote processes.

Notification of changed IP address
Not only can IP Monitor detect a change in an IP address, but it can also notify you via FTP or email if this occurs. This is helpful if you are trying to access a remote computer whose IP address has changed. Configure IP Monitor to notify you and you will be able to continue to access the remote computer.

Email Notifications

IP Monitor can send notification emails when it detects an IP address has changed. You may configure email settings to use a built-in emailer or configure for your SMTP mail server. IP Monitor provides background sending of these notification emails so you will know when an address changes and still be able to access a remote system.

Send Notification of IP address(es) at startup
IP Monitor can run with a command-line parameter to send notification when your system starts, and then exit. This makes any system start-up or restart notify your designated email addresses or FTP server about ADSL or cable-modem connections when your computer starts. You may even use this utility behind a firewall as it supports passive FTP mode.

Easy to Use
Simply download, install and run. You will be presented with a window (see screen shots) showing the current computer name and IP address of the machine. Prompts help configure your IP Monitor installation.


Sony Acid Pro 6.0 & Keygen

In the world of digital music creation, ACID Pro software has always stood out from the crowd. Its automatic loop time-stretching and tempo-matching technology is second-to-none, and its straightforward pick, paint, and play functionality has helped make ACID Pro software the favorite loop-based music creation tool for millions of users worldwide. Now reformulated to add multitrack recording and full MIDI sequencing to its superior looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 software delivers a new formula for ground-breaking music creation: loops + multitrack + MIDI. Together, these key components add up to a full-featured professional music workstation unlike any other.

Innovative Loop-Based Music Creation
Multitrack Audio and MIDI Recording
Comprehensive MIDI Support
Superior Mixing and Editing
Professional Effects and Soft Synth Support
Exclusive Quantization Tools
Professional Workflow Features

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**NOTE** Install like normal, when asked for serial, generate one, and enter it in. It will then ask you to activate. Try to activate without customer info using internet, it will fail, then it will give you option to activate by phone. Use the keygen again to make a confirmation phone id, use that, and it will activate. Run the program again and it will show it as being activated.

Part 1
Part 2

Subtitle Finder v1.7

Subtitle Finder is a free tool that allows you to search and download subtitles directly from your desktop. Using this software you don't need to visit a lot of subtitle sites anymore, to login or to make accounts because it finds for you all the movie subtitles you need.

Pugs Atomz Black & Gifted

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Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

The.Notorious.BIG.Life.After.Death. 2007.DVDRiP.XViD-BOSS


This hard-hitting documentary looks at the aftermath of the assassination of the head of hip hop's royal family. After the murder of Notorious B.I.G., the artists under his wing began to fly, and some flew higher than others. LIFE AFTER DEATH: THE MOVIE examines the lives and careers of artists such as Li'l Kim and D-Roc with footage of P.Diddy and Jay-Z. This title also includes music from Biggie's hip-hop family.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Sunday, July 29, 2007

VirtGuard ver.2.02.11

VirtGuard ver.2.02.11 | 1,21 MB

VirtGuard is a digital video surveillance system. With the help of digital camera or any webcam and a PC, you can create an office or home security system. You can secure your business, watch over you family or even over your pets. Virtual Guard detects all motion, saves images and logs events. VirtGuard has convenient interface and is easy in use.

* Differential sensitivity adjustment and the visual motion monitor allow you to adjust the area and sensitivity of the motion detector flexibly and precisely.
* The false alarm filter eliminates false alarms. The filter analyzes the motion detector output and generates an alarm signal in case of danger.
* The images of alarm source can be saved to the local disk or to a remote FTP server.
* Automatic activation allows you to activate the system for a certain period of time.
* It is possible to connect an external alarm system.




AZ - Doe Or Die

1. Intro
2. Uncut Raw
3. Gimme Your's
4. Ho Happy Jackie
5. Rather Unique
6. I Feel For You
7. Sugar Hill
8. Mo Money, Mo Murder 'Homicide'
9. Doe Or Die
10. We Can't Win
11. Your World Don't Stop
12. Sugar Hill (Remix)


Rickey Smiley - Prank Phone Calls Volume 2

Rickey Smiley - Prank Phone Calls Volume 2
Rickey Smiley - Prank Phone Calls Volume 2

1.Sexy Redd #1
2.Chinese Food
3.Chinese Hymn
4.Powder Donuts
5.Hawaii Part 1
6.Hawaii Part 2
7.Sexy Redd #2
8.Wilbers Cremation
9.Funeral Arrangements
10.So Sleepy Part 1
11.So Sleepy Part 2
12.Sexy Redd #3
13. Got Gas?
14.Bad Donuts
15.Sexy Redd #4
16.Got Balls?
18.Sorry Mrs. Johnson
19.Pass Me Not
20.My Daddy Over There?
21.Sexy Redd #5
23.Family Flowers
24.Donut Wreathe

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0727.Sean Kingston - Sean Kingston


01. Intro 00:34
02. Kingston 03:28
03. Take You There 03:57
04. Me Love 03:24
05. Beautiful Girls 04:02
06. Dry Your Eyes 03:32
07. Got No Shorty 03:22
08. There's Nothin (feat. Paula Deanda) 03:57
09. I Can Feel It 03:27
10. Drummer Boy 03:37
11. Your Sister 03:30
12. That Ain't Right 03:41
13. Change 03:38
14. Colors 2007 (Reggae Remix) 04:34
(feat. Vybez Kartel & Kardinal Official)

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0728.VA - DJ Famous-Sexual Affairs 35 (Put You To Bed)

VA - DJ Famous-Sexual Affairs 35 (Put You To Bed) Þ
Ý ARTiST....: VA Þ
Ý TiTLE.....: DJ Famous-Sexual Affairs 35 (Put You To Bed) Þ
Ý LABEL.....: n/a Þ
Ý GENRE.....: R&B Þ
Ý ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New Þ
Ý BiTRATE...: VBRkbps Þ
Ý RiP DATE..: 28-Jul-2007 Þ
Ý ##. Track Title Time Þ
Ý 01. Ne-Yo Ft Jennifer Hudson - Leaving You Tonight 05:10 Þ
Ý 02. R. Kelly - Leave Your Name 03:20 Þ
Ý 03. Lloyd - Players Prayer 03:58 Þ
Ý 04. J. Holiday - Bed 03:47 Þ
Ý 05. Fantasia - Nominate You 04:25 Þ
Ý 06. Tank - My Body 03:42 Þ
Ý 07. Robin Thicke - Can U Believe 04:08 Þ
Ý 08. Jagged Edge Ft Ashanti - Put A Little Umph 03:41 Þ
Ý 09. Lil Mo - Sometimes I 03:45 Þ
Ý 10. Bobby Tinsley - Missing You 04:09 Þ
Ý 11. Mike Charles - Come Back To Stay 04:35 Þ
Ý 12. Marques Houston - Always & Forever 03:55 Þ
Ý 13. R. Kelly - Real Talk 02:52 Þ
Ý 14. Musiq - Teach Me 04:15 Þ
Ý 15. Carl Thomas - Thought You Should Know 04:05 Þ
Ý 16. Bobby Valentino - You & Me 04:19 Þ
Ý 17. Tank - Heart Breaker 04:12 Þ
Ý 18. Mario - How Do I Breath 03:29 Þ
Ý 19. Trey Songz Ft R. Kelly - Grub On (Live) 04:08 Þ
Ý 20. Tank - Please Dont Go 03:42

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LimeWire PRO v4.14.0 Retail

LimeWire PRO v4.14.0 Retail :
. .

Release Date : 28/07/2007 Platform: WinAll
Protection : - Disk Numbers: 01x5.00MB
Cracker : - Packer:
Supplier : Team Language: English
Release Type : Retail Rating: [ YOU RATE IT!! ]
Company/Publisher : Lime Wire LLC.

Website: http://www.limewire.com/

Full releasename:

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George Carlin You Are All Diseased DVDRip Divx

Loved by critics and audiences and hated by censors, bad boy comedian George Carlin picked up where the original potty mouth, Lenny Bruce, left off. YOU ARE ALL DISEASED features Carlin's trademark scathing wit in a series of routines never before seen on home video. Contains routines like "Airport Security", "Fear of Germs", "Cigars", "Man Stuff", and more.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

40 Cal - 40 Calories Get Ya Weight Up

1. intro
2. one
3. 40 cal
4. 40th boys (ft a-mafia)
5. bubble music
6. dont fool wit the dips
7. wwiii (rmx) (freestyle)
8. hold it now (freestyle)
9. family ties
10. freestyle
11. get your guns
12. gettin money
13. harlem blues
14. harlems here
15. jae millz video set (freestyle)
16. hot 97 (freestyle)
17. license to kill
18. memorable moments
19. open your eyez
20. open your eyez (original version)
21. outlaw (ft akon)
22. shake that ass
23. 40 cal vs. sam scar (fight klub battle)
24. smoke
25. thats harlem (ft j.r. writer)
26. the best out
27. the pit
28. the t.v real
29. tupac joint (ft jim jones)
30. walk on (freestyle)
31. war
32. we got that crack pt. 1
33. we got that crack pt. 2
34. we ridin (ft jim jones)
35. harlem symphony (ft j.r. writer hell rell jim jones juelz santana un kasa)




Artist……: Papoose Feat Snoop Dogg
Album…….: Bang It Out
Supplier….: baybaybay
Ripper……: TEAM ***
Genre…….: Rap
Year……..: 2007
Tracks……: 05
Source……: CDDA
Language….: English
Grabber…..: EAC / Razorlame
Encoder…..: LAME
Quality…..: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz
Channels….: Joint-Stereo
Type……..: Single
Label…….: Zomba / Violator
Url………: w
Releasedate.: Jul-26-2007
Streetdate..: Jul-00-2007

01. Bang it Out (Radio Edit) [04:02]
02. Bang it Out (Instrumental) [04:02]
03. Bang it Out (Album Version) [04:02]
04. Bang it Out (Acappella) [03:59]
05. Bang it Out (Radio Acappella) [03:54]
19:59 Min

Release Notes…
“The Nacirema Dream” - The Highly
Anticipated Debut Album Coming 2007
Produced By Scott Storch



The Mexican Taint Download Link

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Artist: Khujo Goodie
Title: Mercury
Label: One Day Music/Koch Records
Genre: Rap
Bitrate: 174kbit av.
Time: 00:53:18
Size: 70.09MB
Location: Atlanta, GA
Rip Date: 2007-07-27
Street Date: 2007-07-31

1. Ultimate Hustla 4:56
2. We Ane Askin' 4:42
3. DirtySouth Nigga 5:12
4. She Killin' It 3:24
5. Like Diss (Feat. Big Gipp, Sean Paul And Trae) 3:57
6. Make 'Em Trap 3:07
7. No Brown Nosing 3:27
8. We So Dirty (Feat. Mt. Man And Supa Slip) 4:58
9. 25 Ambulances (Feat. Millionairz And Playaz) 4:46
10. Shittin' Me 3:46
11. Yall Boys 3:20
12. My Choppa (Feat. Get Cool) 3:55
13. I Am 3:48
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0728. Creature - Hustle To Be Free

Creature - Hustle To Be Free

Label..........: Coffee Grind Media Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Hip-Hop Size...........: 48,6 MB
Rip Date.......: Jul-27-2007 Artist Info....: n/a
Release Date...: 000-00-0000 Quality........: LAME 3.97 V2


01. Thump 02:56
02. Reckless Eyeballin 03:10
03. His Name Is 03:45
04. Love Yaself (feat. Preachermann) 03:31
05. Not What I'm Here 4 04:25
06. Mo Greazy (feat. 4Ron) 03:04
07. Fryin' In The Sun 02:46
08. Refuse To Lose 02:49
09. Ready 2 Explode 02:16
10. Get Up N Go 03:43
11. Sidewalk Talk 02:49
12. Suck U Dry 04:20
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