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Army Of The Pharaohs (AOTP) Discography

Army Of The Pharaohs DiscographyArmy Of The Pharaohs (AOTP) - Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Outerspace, Apathy, Celph Titled, Reef the Lost Cauze, Des Devious, Faez One, King Syze, Jus Allah, Doap Nixon, Demoz and King Magnetic.

The Five Perfect Exertions VLS

The Five Perfect Exertions VLS
The Five Perfect Exertions VLSTrack List:

A Side

1. The Five Perfect Exertions (Dirty)
2. The Five Perfect Exertions (Clean)
3. The Five Perfect Exertions (Instrumental)

B Side

1. War Ensemble (Clean)
2. War Ensemble (Instrumental)
3. The Five Perfect Exertions (Remix Clean)

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Title [Army Of The Pharaohs-Rare Shit, Collabos, A]
Artist [VA ]
Label [n/a ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 82,5 MB] Ripped [06-18-2004 ]
Grabbed from [CDDA ] Enc [Lame ]
Website [n/a ]

Track Time Title

01 00:57 Intro - Intro
02 05:51 Outerspace - U Slept On
03 03:59 Outerspace - Incredible
04 02:14 Vinnie Paz - Heavyweighters Ft Louis Logic
05 03:33 Jedi Mind Tricks - The Hunted Ft Esoteric
06 01:02 Kingsyze - Freestyle
07 04:06 Kingsyze - Syzemology
08 01:07 Crypt - Freestyle
09 04:10 Supernatural - Suckaz Ft Vinnie Paz
10 03:55 Virtuoso - Beatdown Ft JMT And T-Rukus
11 02:37 Planet - Hotshit Ft Kingsyze
12 04:57 Outerspace - Young Lords
13 04:06 7L And Esoteric - Speak Now Ft Vinnie Paz And
14 04:29 Canibus - Liberal Arts Ft Jedi Mind Tricks
15 01:19 Crypt - Freestyle
16 03:24 Outerspace - Train Of Thought
17 01:55 Vinnie Paz - Freestyle
18 03:14 Outerspace - Final Frontier Ft Last Emperor
19 01:24 Apathy - Freestyle
20 03:07 7L And Esoteric - Essays On Esoterrorism
21 02:24 Apathy And Celph Titled - Chrome Depot Freestyle

21 63:50 min

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[ Artist ] : VA
[ Title ] : Army Of The Pharaohs Mixtape
[ Year ] : 2003
[Genre ] : Hip-Hop
[ Label ] : n/a
[ Streetdate ] : 00/00/0000
[Ripdate ] : 08/30/2003
[ Quality ] : 192kbps/44.1Hz
Total Size: 85,3 MB
Total Time: 61:54 min

01 ³ aotp - intro 00:58
02 ³ Vinnie Paz Ft. Planet - u slept on
03 ³ Unknown - incredible 04:00
04 ³ Vinnie Paz Ft. Luis Logic - heavyweights 02:16
05 ³ Jedi Mind Tricks Ft. Esoteric - The Hunted 03:34
06 ³ KingSyze - freestyle 01:04
07 ³ Unknown - syzemology 04:07
08 ³ Crypt - freesetyle 01:09
09 ³ Vinnie Paz - Suckaz 04:12 (Snippet)
10 ³ Virtuoso - Beatdown 03:56
11 ³ Unknown - hotshit 02:38
12 ³ Unknown - young lords 04:59
13 ³ Esoteric Ft. Vinnie Paz & Apathy - Speak Now 04:07
14 ³ Canibus Ft. Vinnie Paz - Liberal Arts 04:31
15 | Crypt - Freestyle 01:20
16 ³ Unknown - train of thought 03:26
17 ³ Vinnie Paz - Freestyle 01:56
18 ³ Unknown - final frontier 03:15
19 ³ Apathy - freestyle 01:26
20 ³ Esoteric - essays on esoterrorism 03:08

R E L E A S E N O T E S : **The way I got this was a CDR with black thermal text on it that said A.O.T.P. Mixtape, WITH NO TRACKLISTING, so I tried to do the track listing the best I could do from my knowledge, so if I fucked up its cuz there wasnt a tracklisting, people that I had no clue who they where I left as "UNKNOWN"**
This is the ultra rare Army Of The Pharoah's mixtape that was sold in extremly limited quantitys at the Rocksteady Shows...yes this is the tape everyone has been talking about on the message boards.

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Army Of The Pharaohs - The Torture Papers

RippeR....: 41STeam
LabeL........: Babygrande
GenrE.....: Hip-Hop
GrabbeR......: EAC
Rip DatE..: 03-18-2006
EncodeR......: LAME 3.90.3
StreetdatE: 03-21-2006
QualitY......: VBR Kbps / 44.100 kHz
SourcE....: CDDA
TrackS.......: 13
TypE......: Album
Release SizE.: 69,4 MB

Internal purposes for the FAM
Added all features and of course the IMPORTANT ID3v2 Tag!
Enjoy and BUY this CLASSIC shit!!!

01. Apathy, King Syze, Crypt The Warchild, Des Devious, 06:06
Esoteric, Chief Kamachi, Planetary, Celph Titled & Vi
02. Crypt The Warchild, Esoteric, Apathy & Planetary - 03:30
03. Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, Reef The Lost Cauze & 03:40
Planetary - Henry The 8TH
04. Celph Titled & Esoteric - Pull The Pins Out 03:36
05. Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary & Vinnie Paz - Tear 03:50
It Down
06. Faez One, Crypt The Warchild & Vinnie Paz - Into 05:05
The Arms Of Angels
07. Celph Titled, Planetary & Apathy - The Torture 03:32
08. Celph Titled, Esoteric & Crypt The Warchild - 04:02
Listen Up
09. Chief Kamachi, King Syze & Vinnie Paz - All Shall 04:13
10. Apathy, Esoteric, Planetary & Des Devious - Wrath 03:06
Of Gods
11. Chief Kamachi, King Syze & Planetary - Narrow Grave 03:41
12. Vinnie Paz, Apathy & Celph Titled - Feast Of The 03:44
13. Chief Kamachi, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric & Celph Titled 03:28
- King Among Kings

51:33 min

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This is a bootleg continuation of The Torture Papers circulating around the
internet called The Bonus Papers, which is composed entirely of tracks not
released on the album. It is thought some songs didn't fit the artistic design
of the album while others were known to have been extremely political and
maybe were held back to reduce controversy.

Artist...............: Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army Of The Pharaohs
Album................: The Bonus Papers
Genre................: Hip-Hop
Source...............: CD
Year.................: 2006
Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520
Codec................: LAME 3.98
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: Extreme, (avg. bitrate: 223kbps)
Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3
Ripped by............: t3rm on 7/21/2008
Included.............: NFO, SFV, M3U
Covers...............: Front


1. (00:04:20) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - Silence And I
2. (00:03:48) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - The Presidents Wife
3. (00:04:06) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - The Army
4. (00:03:42) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - I Against I (Revisited)
5. (00:03:12) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - Sybling Rivarly
6. (00:03:39) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - On a Mission
7. (00:04:05) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - Speak Now
8. (00:04:11) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - This is War
9. (00:00:51) Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army of The Pharaohs - Outro

Playing Time.........: 00:31:54
Total Size...........: 50.78 MB

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After Torture, There's Pain

After Torture, There's Pain
3.Murder Death Kill
4.Prince Of Darkness
5.This Is War
6.The Pharaohs
7.QD Cut
8.Already Dead
9.Are You Ready
10.Divine Evil
11.Every Second
12.The Army
13.Real Villains
14.Gods & Generals
15.Cult Status
16.You Can Try
17.Chain Reaction Remix
18.Speak Now
19.Gangsta, Gangsta
20.Band Of Brothers
21.Silence & I
22.Burning Candles

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Jedi_Mind_Tricks_Presents_Army_Of_The_Pharaohs-Ritual_Of_Battle-2007-C4Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Army Of The Pharaohs - Ritual Of Battle

Label..........: BabyGrande Source.........: CDDA
Genre..........: Hip-Hop Size...........: 90,9 MB
Rip Date.......: Sep-17-2007 Artist Info....: n/a
Release Date...: Sep-25-2007 Quality........: LAME 3.97 V2


01. Army Of The Pharaohs - Swords Drawn 04:10
02. Army Of The Pharaohs - Time To Rock 03:48
03. Army Of The Pharaohs - Dump The Clip 02:47
04. Army Of The Pharaohs - Black Christmas 05:23
05. Army Of The Pharaohs - Blue Steel 02:42
06. Army Of The Pharaohs - Gun Ballad 03:54
07. Army Of The Pharaohs - Strike Back 04:15
08. Army Of The Pharaohs - Frontline 04:21
09. Army Of The Pharaohs - Through Blood By Thunder 03:45
10. Army Of The Pharaohs - Murda Murda 03:42
11. Army Of The Pharaohs - Bloody Tears 04:37
12. Army Of The Pharaohs - Seven 06:14
13. Army Of The Pharaohs - Drama Theme 06:25
14. Army Of The Pharaohs - Pages In Blood 04:00
15. Army Of The Pharaohs - D And D 02:00
16. Army Of The Pharaohs - Don't Cry 04:42

Total Time: 66:45

Release Notes

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Army Of The Pharaohs - The Unholy Terror

Label.........................: Enemy Soil / Babygrande
Genre.........................: Hip-Hop
StoreDate.....................: Mar-30-2010
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 97,4 MB
Total Playing Time............: 70:48

Release Notes:


production credits:

1. Crown
2. Aktone
3. Celph Titled
4. Undefined
5. Grand Finale
6. Vanderslice
7. DC The MIDI Alien
8. MTK
9. JBL The Titan
10. Vanderslice
11. Crown
12. DJ Kwestion
13. Triple Z
14. Hypnotist Beats
15. Apathy
16. DJ Kwestion

Support These Muthafuckas!!!!!


01. Agony Fires 03:47
(Feat. Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Celph Titled, Apathy)
02. Ripped To Shreds (Feat. Celph Titled, Demoz, Vinnie Paz) 04:04
03. Bust 'em In 03:37
(Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Apathy, Celph Titled)
04. Prisoner (Feat. Planetary, Doap Nixon, Demoz, Vinnie Paz) 03:55
05. Godzilla 04:26
(Feat. Celph Titled, Apathy, Planetary, King Magnetic, Jus Al
06. Suplex (Feat. Dex Devious, Demoz, King Syze, Vinnie Paz) 04:30
07. Contra Mantra 04:33
(Feat. Crypt The Warchild, Esoteric, Celph Titled)
08. Drenched In Blood Feat. Outerspace, Demoz, King Syze, 03:54
Vinnie Paz)
09. Spaz Out 03:12
(Feat. Apathy, King Magnetic, Esoteric, Celph Titled)
10. 44 Magnum 03:42
(Feat. Crypt The Warchild, Des Devious, Vinnie Paz, Demoz)
11. Dead Shall Rise 04:57
(Feat. Demoz, Celph Titled, Planetary, Reef The Lost Cauze, V
12. Cookin' Keys 05:35
(Feat. Doap Nixon, Des Devious, Outerspace, Demoz, Reef The L
13. Burn You Alive 04:10
(Feat. Block Mccloud, Doap Nixon, Vinnie Paz, Planetary)
14. Hollow Points 05:20
(Feat. Planetary, Demoz, Vinnie Paz, Doap Nixon
15. Suicide Girl (Feat. Planetary, Doap Nixon, Apathy) 04:35
16. The Ultimatum 06:31
(Feat. King Mag, Des Devious, Reef, King Syze, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled)



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