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600 Forms and Legal Documents

Over 600 Common Legal Forms that you should not have to pay a lawyer for.
Modify, fill in, save, and print out the forms you need. Print as many copies as you want!
All Forms open in your Word Processor.
45 minutes of helpful audio tips
Help screen for using the forms effectively
Printable Book, "The Legal Survival Kit."
Easy to use interface
Free 24/7 tech support
Your order is shipped within 24 hours. You will receive an order confirmation following payment.
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Full List of Forms:
Bulk Sale of Corporation Forms
Agreement for Bulk Sale
Escrow Agreement - Bulk Sales
Letter - To All Creditors Of
List of Creditors
Agreement for Independent Contracting
Agreement for Publication of Book
Agreement to Provide Services
Authorization for Release of Information
Contract of Employment
Covenant Not to Compete
Employment Agreement
Employee Lending Agreement
Employee Stock Option Agreement
Fidelity Bond
Important Information to Independent Contractors
Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment
Receipt for Manual
Release Agreement
Surety Bond
Intellectual Property
Articles of Incorporation
Assignment of Patent
Association Agreement
Beta Test Agreement
Notice to Users Concerning Viruses
License Agreement
Limitation of Liability
Patent License
Unsolicited Submissions
Corporate Resolution Authorizing Sale of Real Estate
Corporate Resolution for Borrowing
Demand for Meeting
Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
Minutes of Special Meeting of the Shareholders
Notice of Meeting
Resolution of the Board of Directors
Stock Proxy
Waiver of Notice
Radio Broadcasting Forms
Advertiser Contract
Affidavit of Eligibility and Release
Bill of Sale
Contractor Agreement
Engineering Services Agreement
Listener Agreement
Non-Competition Agreement
Personal Appearance Contract
Rebroadcasting Agreement
Studio Use Contract
Employee Stock Option
Minutes of Special Meeting of Board of Directors to Adopt Stock Ownership Plan Under Section 1244 of the Internal Revenue Code
Notice of Dissent of Shareholder to the Sale of All Asset of ____ Corporation
Notice of Presentation of Stock
Option to Purchase
Option to Purchase Stock
Pledge of Stock
Private Placement Memorandum
Purchaser Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Stock Subscription Agreement (Pre-Incorporation)
Lending and Borrowing
Collection of debts
Agreement for Abatement of Litigation
Assignment of Judgment
Collection Agreement
Demand for Additional Collateral
Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment
Notice of default on Promissory Note
Notice of New Payment
Debtor Rights
Declaration of Homestead
Deed of Trust
Notice of Usurious Interest Rate
Revocation of Guarantee
Priority of Debts and Releases
Agreement to Compromise Debt
Consent to Substitution of Collateral and Release
Discharge of Guarantor
Settlement Offer
Subordination Agreement
Subordination Agreement, Secured Debt
Promissory Notes
Assignment of Promissory Note
Authorization for Release of Information
Bank Loan Agreement
Guarantee Agreement
Guarantee of Debt
Letter of Credit
Non-Negotiable Promissory Note
Non-Recourse Non-Negotiable Promissory Note
Promissory Note
Unconditional Guarantee Agreement
Secured Loans
Assignment of Accounts Receivable
Collateral Assignment of Lease
Lease Agreement
Letter of Credit (General)
Pawn Ticket and Disclosure
Pledge of Life Insurance Policy for Debt
Pledge of Royalties (a.k.a. Royalty Agreement)
Pledge of Stock
Security Agreement
General Partnerships
General Partnership Agreement
General Partnership Agreement of the _____ Partnership
Partnership Agreement
Limited Partnerships
Addendum to Limited Partnership Agreement
Addendum to Limited Partnership Agreement of _____.
Addendum to the _____ Limited Partnership Agreement
Designation of Tax Matters Partner
Limited Partnership Agreement
Special Power of Attorney: _____, a Limited Partnership
Personal and Family
Children and Adoption Forms
Authorization for Medical Treatment
Designation of Guardian
Receipt and Aquittance
Relationship Agreement
Trip Permission Slip
Estate Planning
Charitable Remainder
Charitable Trust
Composite Declaration of Business Trust
Declaration of Nominee Trust
Declination to Serve as Personal Representative
Joint and Mutual Will
Last Will and Testament
Last Will and Testament of _____.
Nuncupative Will
Partial Assignment
Personal Information of _____.
Request for Notice of Filing of Estate or Probate Proceedings (Caveat)
Revocable Trust
Revocation of Living Trust
Revocation of Wills - Codicils
General Personal Forms
Contract Agreement
Receipt and Aquittance
Power of Attorney
Transfer Under the _____ State Uniform Gift to Minors Act
Health Care
Authorization for Release of Medical Information
Consent to Autopsy
Declaration as Provided by Maryland Health-General Code Section 5-602
Declaration as Provided by Montana Stats. 50-9-104
Declaration in Conformance with Missouri Statutes 459.015
Declaration of a Desire for a Natural Death as Provided by North Carolina G.S. 90-321
Declaration of Desires as to Medical Care
Declaration of Intention Provided by Mississippi Withdrawal of Life Saving Mechanisms Act, Mississippi Code 41-41-107
Declaration Provided by Colorado Medical Treatment Decision Act, Colorado Statutes 15-18-104
Declaration Provided by Maine revised Statutes Title 22 Section 2922
Directions of _____.
Directive to Physicians
Directive to Physicians as Provided by California Health and Safety Code Section 7187
Directive to Physicians as Provided By Idaho Natural Death Act, Idaho Code Section 39-4504
Directive to Physicians as Provided by Nevada Revised Statutes, Section 449.610
Directive to Physicians as Provided by Texas Natural Death Act Section 3
Last Will and Testament of _____.
Living Testament
Living Testament as Provided by Connecticut Statures Section 19a-575
Living Will
Living Will as Provided by Tennessee Code 32-11-105
Living Will as Provided by Georgia Code Section 31-32-3
Oklahoma Statutes Title 63 Section 3103
Payment from Recovery
Revocation of Living Will
Statutory Declarations
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Alabama Natural Death Act, AL. Code 22-8a-4
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Arizona Medical Treatment Decision Act, AZ. Rev. Stat. 36-3202
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with District of Columbia Natural Death Act of 1981, D.C. Code Section 6-2422
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Florida Life Prolonging Procedure Act, F.S. 765.05
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Illinois Natural Death Act, IL. Stat. 110 1/2 Paragraph 703
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Indiana Living Will and Life-Prolonging Procedures Act, Indiana Code 16-8-11-12
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Kansas Natural Death Act, Kansas Statutes Section 65-28,103
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Louisiana Natural Death Act, Louisiana R.S. 40:1299.58.3
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with New Hampshire Terminal Care Document Law, N.H. R.S. 137-H: 3
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Virginia Natural Death Act VA. Code Section 54-325.8:4
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with West Virginia Natural Death Act, 16-30-3
Statutory Declaration in Conformance with Wyoming Living Will Law, Wyoming Statutes 35-22-102
Statutory Directive to Physicians in Conformance with Washington R.C.W. 70.122.030
Uniform Living Will
Uniform Living Will of _____.
Insurance Forms
Investigation Notice
Pledge of Life Insurance Policy for Debt
Subrogation Agreement
Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss
Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss Automobile
Marriage and Divorce
Consent of Marriage to Minor
Joint Residency
Pre-Divorce Agreement
Pre-Marital Agreement
Ratification of Marriage
Reconciliation Agreement and Release of Separation Agreement
Release of Separation
Powers of Attorney Forms
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
Revocation of Power of Attorney
Special Power of Attorney - Sign Checks
Real Estate Forms
Contracting and Remodeling
Bid Bond
Change Order Number _____.
Contracting Agreement
Draw Request
Release of Lien
Satisfaction of Labor Lien
Satisfaction of Material Providers Lien
Satisfaction of Mechanics Lien
Waiver of Labor Lien
Waiver of Mechanics Lien
Deed Forms
Certificate of Value
Grantor Agreement
Quit Claim Deed
Warranty Deed
Agreement to Execute Lease and Deposit Receipt
Commercial Property Lease
Hunting License
Lease (a.k.a. rent a house, house rental, house contract)
Lease with Option to Purchase (a.k.a. Rent to Own)
Notice to Quit or Pay Rent (Eviction Notice, Evict)
Mortgages & Deeds of Trust
Deed of Trust
Estoppel Letter
Lender Agreement
Loan Purpose Affidavit
Mortgage Brokerage Agreement
Purchase, Sale, and Closing
Assignment of Contract to Sell Real Estate
Escrow Agreement and Instructions
Offer to Purchase Real Estate (a.k.a. buy a home)
Real Estate Option
Real Estate Brokerage Firms
Real Estate Brokerage Agreement - Exclusive
Real Estate Brokerage Agreement - Non-Exclusive
Real Estate Brokerage - Exchange Agreement
Sales of Personal Property
Commercial Sales
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Goods
Bailment Agreement
Bill of Sale
Consent to Assignment of Contract
Consignment Sales Agreement
Contract to Employ Auctioneer
Distributorship Agreement
Firm Offer
Indemnification Agreement
Inspection and Acceptance
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Odometer Mileage Statement
Option to Purchase
Power of Attorney
Publisher Agreement
Purchase Order
Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate
Salvage Agreement
Seller Agreement
Seller's Confirmation of Order
Seller's Notice of Commencement of Order
Waiver of Claim of Breach
Consumer Sales & Protection
Bailment Agreement
Bill of Sale
Claim for Overcharge
Denial of Credit
Door-to-Door Disclosure
Notice of Revocation
Notice of Usurious Interest Rate and Intention to Seek Releif
Right of Rescission
Seller's Agreement to Repurchase
Service & Professional Agreements
Professional Services
Agreement of Accounting Services
Lawyer Agreement
Other Services
Advertising Agreement
Advertising Purchase Order
Aerial Banner Towing Agreement
Agreement for Brokerage of Vessel
Agreement for Construction of Vessel
Agreement for Consulting Regarding Data Recovery
Agreement for Publication of Book
Agreement to Accelerate Progress of Contract Work
Agreement to Provide Services
Bill of Lading
Catering Services Agreement
Charter Agreement
Collection Agreement
Construction and Maintenance Agreement
Contract between Advertiser and Advertising Agency
Contract for Moving of House
Contract for Repossession Services
Contract for Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
Contract for the Packaging System
Customer Maintenance Agreement
Duplication Agreement
Fleet Service Agreement
Illustration Agreement
Lease of the Rolling Stock
License to Operate Vending Machines
Manual Technical Writing Agreement
Messenger Service Agreement
Notice to Remove from Warehouse Hazardous Goods
Owner Maintenance Contract
Software Maintenance Agreement
Subscription Agreement with Credit Agency
Personal Agreements
Claims for Liability
Claims for Damages
Claim for Damages or Injury
Notice of Defamatory Statement
Request for a Correction
Subrogation Agreement
Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss
Releases of Liability
Agreement as to Judgment
Agreement for Mediation of Dispute
Agreement for Release
Agreement for Settlement of Claim
General Release
Settlement Agreement
Trust Agreement

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