Monday, October 27, 2008


Not a fan of screwed and chopped at all but I'm aware there is an allegiance of T.I. fans out there that want to be satisfied along with southern rap enthusiasts and this post does exactly that. Get your drank on or whatever you southern fuckers do.... shoot a cow after you milk it with your mouth for all I care. This one is for y'all



[Artistúúúþ T.I. Û Ü²ß Ü²ß²
± ß²ÜÛß²ÜÛ[Titleúúúúþ Paper Trail (Screwed and Chopped) ÛܲßÛÜ²ß ±
° ÞÛÛÝÞÛÛ[RlsDateúúþ 000-00-0000 ÛÛÝÞÛÛÝ °
± ܲßÛܲßÛ[RipDateúúþ Oct-25-2008 Ûß²ÜÛß²Ü ±
²Ü²ß Ü²ß Û[Genreúúúúþ Rap Û ß²Ü ß²Ü²
ß ß ² ²[Sourceúúúþ CDDA ² ² ß ß
ÞÝ ÞÝ[Labelúúúúþ n/a ÞÝ ÞÝ
² ² [Catalogúúþ n/a ² ²
ÞÝ ÞÝ [Sizeúúúúúþ 98,10 MB ÞÝ ÞÝ
ÜÛßþÜÛ [Qualityúúþ VBRkbps 44.1Hz ÛÜþßÛÜ
² ² [Encoderúúþ GT4 2K8 FUCKERS ² ²
Û Û [Urlúúúúúúþ n/a

01 56 Bars (Intro) 04:06
02 Im Illy 05:04
03 Ready for Whatever 04:22
04 On Top of the World (Feat. Ludacris and B.O.B.) 05:49
05 Live Your Life (Feat. Rihanna) 07:13
06 Whatever You Like 05:17
07 No Matter What 05:24
08 My Life Your Entertainment (Feat. Usher) 05:38
09 Porn Star 04:33
10 Swing Ya Rag (Feat. Swizz Beats) 04:29
11 What Up Whats Haapnin 04:43
12 Every Chance I Get 04:36
13 Swagger Like Us (Feat. Jay-Z Kanye West and Lil Wayne) 06:09
14 Slide Show (Feat. John Legend) 03:03
15 You Aint Missing Nothing 04:20
16 Dead and Gone (Feat. Justin Timberlake) 05:02

Total Playtime: 79:48 min

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