Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SPM - The Last Chair Violinist (2008)


01.A Babys Prayer [00:57]
02.Swim [03:40]
03.Mexican Heaven [04:16]
04.The Last Chair Violinist [03:58]
05.Gangsterous [04:22]
06.The Ghost [04:32]
07.Dead Pictures [04:25]
08.Carolyn Clownin (Skit) [01:02]
09.Hoggin And Doggin [04:48]
10.These Streets [03:45]
11.In Hillwood [04:14]
12.Vogues [03:52]
13.Are We Real [04:11]
14.The Dope House Mind [03:55]
15.Jackers In My Home [04:25]
16.Strapped And Deadly [04:23]
17.Silhouettes [04:54]


01.Juan Gottis Chick (Skit) [00:32]
02.I Must Be High [04:45]
03.Bloody War [04:15]
04.Block Of Rock [05:44]
05.The Beach House [05:04]
06.Wizard Of Oz [05:15]
07.Filthy Rich [04:45]
08.The System [04:51]
09.High Everyday (Screwed) [04:52]
10.Iatola [04:14]
11.Dope Game [04:37]
12.Woodson And Worthing [06:37]


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