Sunday, November 23, 2008

Uncle Murda - Back On My Bullshit 2008

New Uncle Murda shit. Normally I wouldn't post this cuz I'm not a fan and can't imagine who would be but I got a few requests for this so here you go. By the way Uncle Murder is by far the best rap name in the game.


01. (00:03:05) Powerful Music
02. (00:03:30) Shoot The Gun
03. (00:02:53) Dont Be Actin Like
04. (00:02:32) New York Is Mine
05. (00:03:11) New Jack City Bitch (Feat. Lil Kim)
06. (00:03:35) Come Here Baby
07. (00:04:18) Im So High (Feat. Tony Yayo)
08. (00:03:53) Brookyln Tale
09. (00:04:10) He Asked For It (Feat. Jay-Z)
10. (00:02:27) On The Real
11. (00:04:42) A God Man Is Gone
12. (00:02:29) War
13. (00:02:33) Gucci Sneakers
14. (00:03:49) My Way
15. (00:02:51) Too Much Pussy
16. (00:04:08) Sex, Money And Murda (Feat. Knick Guns)
17. (00:04:33) Grand Finale

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