Saturday, November 1, 2008

VA The 10 Freshmen - Hip-Hop's Class Of '09 Attacks

XXL did an article and cover on the top 10 up and coming artists of 09 and here's the mixtape starring all 10. I am aware that other hip hop blogs drool over these new kids balls like crazy and every other post is one of these newbies with a mediocre song. Sorry but not on my blog, if I'm not familiar with it or have a feeling that its ill I don't want it on here. But I will recognize that there is up and coming talent by posting mixtapes and or albums without going crazy over these fruitcakes.

Besides the only one of these cats that I consistantly heard and I know that I like is Cory Gunz. And not to go into a rant about the others but for starters this kid Asher Roth - looks like the type of kid I'd rob and wipe a booger on in high school. But hey you never know he might be really good, I doubt it but it might be possible.

All the negativity and bias aside here are some new cats you can try out so when some hip hop snob asks you what you think about some of these newjack douchenozzles you can reply by saying "Yea I heard that guy on The Mexican Taint and he was _____".


Title................: The 10 Freshmen - Hip-Hop's Class Of '09 Attacks
Year.................: 2008
Genre................: Hip Hop
Number of Songs......: 40
Cover(s) Included....: Yes

01 Ace Hood & Currensy- Addiction
02 Wale- 5 Minutes
03 B.O.B.- Hip Hop Aint Dead (The Future)
04 Mickey Factz- Xxl Freestyle
05 Currensy- Drug Flow
06 Cory Gunz- All About Mine
07 Asher Roth- Roth Boys
08 Ace Hood- Xxl Freestyle
09 Kid Cudi- Day N Nite
10 Blu- Half A Knot
11 Charles Hamilton- Starchasers
12 Currensy- Xxl Freestyle
13 Mickey Factz- The Inspiration
14 Ace Hood- Bust Your Windows Freestyle
15 Wale- Ridin In That Black Joint
16 Blu- Xxl Freestyle
17 B.O.B.- Lonley People
18 Currensy- Upper Deck
19 Cory Gunz- Bouncin
20 Charles Hamilton- Xxl Freestyle
21 Asher Roth- Throw Da Water On Em Freestyle
22 Kid Cudi- Cudi Get
23 Blu- The Only Way
24 Wale- Xxl Freestyle
25 Charles Hamilton- Pure Imagination
26 Mickey Factz & Cory Gunz-Swagga Like Us
27 Ace Hood- Green Light Freestyle
28 Asher Roth- Xxl Freestyle
29 Wale- Boyz Freestyle
30 B.O.B.- On Top Of The World
31 Currensy- Inevitable
32 Cory Gunz- Xxl Freestyle
33 Asher Roth- I Love College
34 Kid Cudi- Down And Out
35 Blu- Mama Told Me
36 B.O.B- Xxl Freestyle
37 Charles Hamilton- Windows Media Player
38 Kid Cudi- Xxl Freestyle
39 Ace Hood- Crazy World Freestyle
40 Mickey Factz, Currensy, & Cory Gunz- Incredible

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