Friday, February 27, 2009
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To install:

ßÛ ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û 1) Unpack. Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û 2) Install. Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û 3) Use our keygen/patch tool to patch flashfxp.exe Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û 4) Generate a valid serial with our keygen. Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û 5) Enjoy!

Thank you for downloading the first Public Beta of FlashFXP Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û v3.8! This release contains a few major new features, SFTP Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û support, ability to enqueue commands, and a re-vamp of the Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û quick connect feature. Please note that this is a beta Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û release which contains experimental code that may be Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û unsuitable for production environments. If you depend on Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û FlashFXP in a production environment but want to test the Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û beta anyways, we recommend you install the beta to a Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û different directory than your current FlashFXP Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û installation. Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û This beta release is designed to give everyone a chance to Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û test out the new features, and give us feedback on what you Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û like and don't like. The SFTP module in particular needs Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û extensive testing with a range of servers. For a full list Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û of new features included in this beta, click here! Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û Since this is a beta version of FlashFXP, we ask that Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û everyone please submit bug reports if you encounter any Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û problems. This helps us to ensure that we make FlashFXP as Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û stable as possible. To report bugs, please visit our online Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û bug tracker at Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û We also encourage you to use our integrated bug reporting Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û system should an error occur while using FlashFXP. This Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û automated system will prompt you to submit information about Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û your configuration and what caused the error to our server Û ²ÛÛ
ÛÛ² Û for review.

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