Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UFC 13: Ultimate Force

UFC 13 featured two four man tournaments, a lightweight and a heavyweight tournament, as well as two alternate bouts and a Superfight between Vitor Belfort and Tank Abbott.

UFC 13 marked the first appearance of MMA legends and future UFC Champions Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz, who was an alternate in the lightweight tournament.



UFC 12: Judgement Day

UFC 12 was the first UFC event to feature weight classes; heavyweights (200 lbs and over) and lightweights (199 lbs and under) battled in two separate mini tournaments, each consisting of two semifinal bouts and a finals match.

The event also featured a Superfight between Dan Severn and Mark Coleman to determine the first UFC Heavyweight Champion.

UFC 12 marked the first UFC appearance of Vitor Belfort, and was also the first appearance of Joe Rogan, who handled backstage interviews for the event.

After being removed from many pay per view carriers, and with mounting pressure from politicians such as Senator John McCain, the UFC had continuing troubles finding a venue, and a state, for that matter, that would host UFC 12. It was first announced that UFC 12 would be held in New York, to which it was ultimately denied sanctioning rights. Next, it was announced that UFC 12 would be held in Oregon, which soon banned the event. Finally, the UFC returned to Alabama, where it appeared in the small city of Dothan, located about 200 miles southeast of Birmingham.

The UFC would continue to hold events exclusively in Southern US States (aside from occasional shows in Japan and Brazil) until 2001, when the UFC was sanctioned by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission.



UFC 11: The Proving Ground

The card featured an eight-man tournament, as well as two alternate bouts in case of an injury, and to fill time for the pay-per-view broadcast.



UFC 10: The Tournament

UFC 10 marked the UFC's return to the tournament format (which was removed in favor of single bouts at UFC 9). The card featured an eight man tournament, as well as two alternate bouts in case of an injury, and to fill time for the pay-per-view broadcast.

UFC was originally supposed to air this event from the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

UFC 10 featured the first appearance of Mark Coleman.




UFC 9 was the first UFC production not to feature the tournament format (which was brought back by popular demand at UFC 10), instead it was an entire card of predetermined matchups. The card featured seven bouts, including a "Superfight" between Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock, and an alternate bout to fill time for the pay-per-view broadcast.

The UFC drew national criticism leading up to the event, due in large part to Arizona Senator John McCain's letter writing campaign against the "brutal spectacle" of no holds barred fighting. After a legal battle in the Detroit courts up until the day of the show, the UFC was allowed to continue, with modified rules.

The special rules included no closed fisted strikes – a rule which referee 'Big' John McCarthy attempted to enforce, but with little success. Before the show, fighters were warned not to use closed fisted strikes under penalty of arrest. Although many fights that night included closed fisted striking, no fighters were arrested.




This was scheduled for release in June, but was pushed back and re-named (possibly to avoid confusion from his prior release 'Legendary').

  TITLE: I Am Legend: G.O.D. (Gold, Oil & Diamonds)
  LABEL: Siccness
  GENRE: Hip-Hop
  GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode)
  ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
  QUALITY: 169 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
  PLAYTIME: 0h 39min 27sec total
  SIZE: 49.20MB
  RELEASE DATE: 2009-06-30
  RIP DATE: 2009-06-30

     [ TRACK LIST ]
  01. Hustle In My Blood (Produced By The Batkave) 4:03
  02. What It Sounds Like (Feat. Charlie Rock) (Produced By Dave Moss) 2:55
  03. Game Ain't Changed (Produced By Dave Moss) 3:04
  04. Run From Me (Feat. Smigg Dirtee & Obnoxious) (Produced By The 3:26
  05. Live Your Life (Produced By Dave Moss) 3:25
  06. Get Low (Feat. Smigg Dirtee) (Produced By The Batkave) 4:07
  07. Bonafied (Feat. Obnoxious) (Produced By Dave Moss) 2:55
  08. The Reverand (Feat. I-Rocc) (Produced By The Batkave) 3:57
  09. AZ's Behind This (Feat. Smigg Dirtee) (Produced By The Batkave) 3:39
  10. Havin My Baby (Produced By The Batkave) 3:41
  11. Do Me This Way (Produced By Dave Moss) 2:47
  12. Outro 1:28

     [ RELEASE NOTES ]  
  OK so I know the covers say G.O.D. (Gold, Oil & Diamonds), but on many
  websites and the seal itself say I Am Legend, so to be safe both were
  incorporated into the album tag. AZ a busy cat today...Producer tags added by
  request ;p. Enjoy!
  Don't forget to support the artists! We did.

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Sothink Quicker 4.0 Build 90219

Sothink Quicker 4.0 Build 90219
Sothink Quicker 4.0 Build 90219

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OK. I've been waiting for taint-san to post this release because D-Block is his shit and I don't know anything about them or even listen to them at all. Who the fuck is Poobs though and that's the best name he could come up with? Any way, here it is. Get it.



D-Block Presents Poobs - Prepare For Glory

Artist.......: D-Block Presents Poobs
Title........: Prepare For Glory
Label........: Babygrande
Release.Type.: Album
Genre........: Hip-Hop
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality......: 139 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-29
Year.........: 2009
Tracks.......: 19
Playtime.....: 0h 50min Total
Size.........: 50.78 MB

Release Notes

This Was Suppose To Be Released A While Back Last Year,
Dunno Why The Long Hold Up .

But Anyways . Produced Mostly By Producer Poobs

And Oh Yeah , Fuck RRT Bitch . Yall Religion Is Analism Ya Digg?


01. Hog Tied Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs) 1:15
02. Back On The Street Ft. Sheek Louch (Produced By Poobs) 1:08
03. Come All Ft. Bucky, Styles P, Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By 4:36
04. Streets Call'Em Bully Ft. Bully (Produced By Vinny Idol) 3:13
05. 7 Days 6 Nights Ft. T.Y. (Produced By Mr. Potter) 3:28
06. Zoom Ft. Straws, Bully And Poobs (Produced By Poobs) 3:17
07. Other Than That Ft. Styles P And Jadakiss (Produced By 3:06
08. Is What It Is Ft. Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By Poobs) 2:15
09. Unstoppable Ft. Bucky (Produced By Poobs) 2:38
10. That's My Nigga Ft. The LOX (Produced By Vinny Idol) 2:55
11. Miracle Ft. Large Amount (Produced By Poobs) 2:43
12. So Many Things Ft. Straws And Poobs (Produced By Vinny 2:13
13. Who's The Target Ft. Styles P And A.P. (Produced By Poobs) 2:56
14. Savage Ft. A.P. (Produced By Poobs) 1:17
15. 456 Ft. Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By Poobs) 2:52
16. Cocaine Spitter Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs) 1:08
17. Need Bail Ft. Poobs, Trav And Straws (Produced By Poobs) 2:19
18. Pain Ft. Large Amount And A.P. (Produced By Poobs) 3:37
19. Ghost Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs) 3:28

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Monday, June 29, 2009


Here's the new Alchemist album, Chemical Warfare. Get it.



Alchemist - Chemical Warfare

Artist.......: Alchemist
Title........: Chemical Warfare
Label........: Koch / Goliath
Release.Type.: Album
Genre........: Hip-Hop
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality......: 167 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-29
Year.........: 2009
Tracks.......: 15
Playtime.....: 0h 55min Total
Size.........: 67.43 MB

Release Notes

Late Arrival ... But Still Early As Usual .

What A Beautiful Day It Is , So Many Bitchmade Haters There Are...

Anyways . All Tracks Produced By The Man Himself Packed With Some Tremendous

This Album Right Here Sure To Be One Of The Albums Of This Year.


01. Intro 0:58
02. ALC Theme Ft. Kool G Rap 3:49
03. Lose Your Life Ft. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T And Jadakiss 4:28
04. Chemical Warfare Ft. Eminem 1:33
05. Grand Concourse Benches Ft. Krs-One 5:23
06. Therapy Ft. Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli And Kid Cudi 5:22
07. That'll Work Ft. Three 6 Mafia And Juvenile 5:00
08. Smile Ft. Maxwell And Twista 4:43
09. Keep The Heels On Ft. Prodigy 3:45
10. Acts Of Violence Ft. Gangrene (Ohno And Alchemist) 5:22
11. Lights, Cameras, Action Ft. Lil' Fame 1:40
12. Some Gangster Shit Ft. Fabolous 2:00
13. On Sight Ft. Dogg Pound And La 3:46
14. Take A Look Back 5:29
15. Under Siege (Bonus) 2:13

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Murda Mook - Misunderstood

Murda Mook - Misunderstood
New Murda Mook mixtape. Heard some of his other non battle rap attempts and it was hit and miss. Think he can make a change on this one and come through? I don't know but I hope he does, he's a beast on the mic in a battle and he should have that translate on tracks.


Murda Mook - Misunderstood

Artist...............: Murda Mook
Album................: Misunderstood
Year.................: 2009
Genre................: Hip Hop
Number of Songs......: 16
Cover(s) Included....: Yes


1. Intro
2. Go Harder
3. Expect Da Unexpected
4. Best Rapper Alive
5. Gun Wit A Body
6. This Is Why You Flop
7. Where Da Lyrics Go
8. Blackout
9. Kiss My Azz
10. Never Let You Down
11. Cant Come Where You From
12. Aint Nutin Change
13. I Forgot
14. Root Of All Evil
15. Can I Live
16. What Happen 2 NYC

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De La Soul request I granted for the reason that De La Soul does there thing and from where I'm from - Long Island. Represent Strong Island!



ARTIST: De La Soul
TITLE: Stakes Is High
LABEL: Tommy Boy
GENRE: Hip-Hop
BITRATE: alt-preset standard
PLAYTIME: 1h 08min total
RELEASE DATE: July 2, 1996
RIP DATE: 01-16-06
ENCODER: Lame 3.90.3

Track List

1. Intro 2:35
2. Supa Emcees 3:40
3. The Bizness feat. Common 5:42
4. Wonce Again Long Island 3:39
5. Dinninit 4:21
6. Brakes 4:06
7. Dog Eat Dog 3:38
8. Baby Baby Baby Baby Ooh Baby 2:08
9. Long Island Degrees 3:27
10. Betta Listen 4:27
11. Itzsoweezee (HOT) 4:48
12. 4 More feat. Zhane 4:18
13. Big Brother Beat feat. Mos Def 3:43
14. Down Syndrome 3:04
15. Pony Ride 5:27
16. Stakes Is High 5:30
17. Sunshine 3:40

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

DJ Cosinus - RnB 2 HipHop Vol.5

DJ Cosinus teamed up with Mike Bless, the newest artist signed to Slip-N-Slide Records, for the new Mixtape "DJ Cosinus - RnB 2 HipHop Vol.5 hosted by Mike Bless". Including new music from the host Mike Bless, Gorilla Zoe, Physha P, R. Kelly, Young Dro, Slip-N-Slide artists and many more.

35 RnB and HipHop tracks actually mixed!

01. DJ Cosinus & Mike Bless - Intro
02. Mike Bless - Like Me
03. Belly - Hot Girl
04. Jovi Rockwell - Rizzla
05. Mike Bless ft. Boosie & Young Nino - For My Niggas
06. Young Dro - On Fire
07. Yung Gutta Mane ft. Des Days - Working
08. Mike Bless - The Haters Love Song
09. Gorilla Zoe - I Like Girls
10. Ciara ft. Missy Elliott - Work
11. Git Fresh - Open Up Your Ears
12. Nina Sky ft. Flo Rida & Pitbull - Get Up On This
13. R. Kelly ft. Akon - Makin' Me Wanna (Remix)
14. Physha P - Hot Property
15. Mista Mac ft. Flo Rida & Brisco - Drop That
16. Kitty Katt - Playboy Bunny
17. DJ OGB ft. Francisco & Gemeni - Hands Up (Club Mix)
18. Baby Bash ft. Pitbull - Outta Control
19. F.L.Y. ft. Stuey Rock - Gotta Be
20. Mr. CG - Boogie Board
21. Swazy Baby - Half Of It
22. Snook Da RokkStarr - She Like Girls
23. Willy Northpole ft. Bobby Valentino - #1 Side Chick
24. Physha P - I Yie Yie (I Know That You Will)
25. J. Lourenzo - Like A Soldier
26. Mike Bless - Porno Star
27. Atiba ft. Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix)
28. Trillogy - Into You
29. Jimmy 2 Tymes ft. Jagged Edge - Last Call
30. Camar - Push It Up
31. Plies - Becky
32. Verse ft. Yung Joc - Buy You A Round
33. Jon B - Drops Of Rain (Remix)
34. Mike Bless - Wrap It Up
35. DJ Cosinus & Mike Bless - Outro

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Brown Bag AllStars - "Live From The Nine" (prod. by DJ Skizz)

On Day 13 of Brown Bag Season we bring you "Live From The Nine", a new treat with an old sound....

Brown Bag AllStars - "Live From The Nine" (prod. by DJ Skizz)

Check it out HERE
or open link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/6179245774f36b48/

Download the Clean Version HERE
or open link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/6194317397c2acd8/

Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years Mixed By DJ Jaycee

Mediafire Download

Bonus* Tribute song by DJ SKEE

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D.Julien - Baby It's Over (prod by Soulful!)

Sad day/week in music with the passing of Michael Jackson, however as an artist I have to move on and worry about my future and try to build my brand like the king of pop did. With that being said, above is my new joint - the second joint released off my new project titled 'Live, Love, Learn" which drops this Wednesday July 1st. The new joint is titled "Baby It's Over" and it's basically about a significant other that can't let go. I'm sure you can relate lol. Hit me with your personal thoughts if you can as well.

D.Julien - Baby It's Over (prod by Soulful!)

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The Experiment Is Out!
Download here: http://www.zshare.net/download/56973665bdf102c6/
AIM: DJulienn

Frank Nitt - Love Feat. DJ Quik & J.Black

The Video:

Can't it all be so simple? We all wish relationships came a little easier; Frank Nitt is no different. In his latest video, "L.O.V.E." featuring DJ Quik and J. Black, the soulful, catchy new track from this Detroit emcee plays over clips of Nitt's daily routine with that special someone. As the video progresses, we get a look at the ups and downs of a relationship, as the neglect of chilling with friends in lieu of your girl progresses into what Frank Nitt knows is really important: quality time with your lady. Even a tough guy like Frank Nitt can’t help getting a little mushy from time to time.


The Background:

Frank Nitt, well known as half of Detroit duo Frank'n'Dank, has recently been hanging out in L.A. with John "Illa J" Yancey, younger brother of legendary producer James "Jay Dee aka J Dilla" Yancey. As Delicious Vinyl readied the release of Illa J's Dilla-produced debut LP Yancey Boys last year, Frank started playing Delicious Vinyl boss Michael "Mike Floss" Ross a smattering of new tracks.

"Frank's incredibly prolific," says Floss. "He was playing me songs he'd recorded in the past six months, and when I heard 'Love' I knew it was a song I wanted to put out. Combining Terrace's sparkling West Coast sound with the perspective that Frank brings as a native Detroit MC, topped off with a beautiful hook by J.Black and you got yourself a party starter. The song is also getting major mixshow play on west coast stations like LA’s Power 106. The fact that this cut is for the ladies just shows we got our priorities straight!"

Floss isn't the only one to fall in love with "Love." When producer Terrace Martin played the unfinished song to West Coast legend DJ Quik, Quik quickly volunteered his mixing and mastering skills as well as contributing a verse to the finished version. Because sometimes you can only beat the heat with more heat. Though it helps to have a swimming pool too.

Frank Nitt - "Love" Featuring Dj Quik & J. Black

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:


Michael Jackson - Rock My World (BK Collective RMX)

RIP to the King Of Pop.....one of the greatest entertainers of all time......no long talking....just good music. Peace

Michael Jackson - Rock My World (BK Collective RMX)

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DJ Gunz
Brooklyn Collectiv Music / Absolut Experience Remix Kingz



Cymarshall Law - R.I.P. Michael Jackson Over Madcon's Beggin Instrumental

I started writing this yesterday a few minutes after the word became official I wasnt going to put it out it was for me , but I woke up and listened to what I had made yesterday and felt I should share it with the world because there are so many people who can relate , Me and Michael had the same birthday so I always felt I could be great like him too he was a big inspiration on my life. So I made this song I was full of emotion and my pen was pretty much moving without me doing any thinking here it is

Cymarshall Law - R.I.P. Michael Jackson Over Madcon's Beggin Instrumental.

Cymarshall Law RIP Michael Jackson Over Madcon Beggin

iRIZistable - MJ Tribute

This artist iRIZistable sent me a Michael Jackson tribute song with the quickness. He must of gave it to me the night he died or the next morning that quick. I haven't listened to it yet but check it out.





**iRIZistable album Coming Soon**

Frozen - The 2 And A Half Day Mixtape

This was a completely independent project.
I originally recorded the "2 day mixtape" inspired by Detroit rapper "Proof" who I heard recorded an album
in a day or two so I wanted to see if I could accomplish the same thing.
I didn’t have a budget at all or the necessary equipment and the audio quality wasn’t the greatest
but I did manage to record a mixtape in 2 days.
A couple years later and a bigger budget I picked up an AKG 414 mic and protools 7.4 LE
and began my second and much improved mixtape.

Frozen - The 2 And A Half Day Mixtape

LABEL.........: NAMAWU
ARtist ...... FROZEN
MODE..........: Full Stereo
ENCODER.......: Lame 3.91
SiZE..: 72.9 MB
TRACKS........: 18


01 Coming Right Back
02 100k
03 Blame It
04 Best I Ever Had
05 Blood Everywere ft. Bracy
06 What U Want
07 Little Women
08 Cut U
09 Right Round
10 Under Control
11 Shits & Giggles
12 Oct 31st
13 Going Back 2 Cali
14 Jurney
15 Kill The Shit
16 109 bars
17 Outro ft. L.O.S
18 F R Kelly bonus

TOTAL 50:11 min


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Cymarshall Law Brother Skit Slam New Video and New Song

Peace as many as of may already know Im also in a group ( Everliven Sound ) with my brother Skit Slam who lives in England this is from his solo album A Blessing In Disguise produced by Swedish producers the Beatnikz

Skit Slam - Concrete Jungle Video

Skit Slam New Single Getting It In prod by the Beatnikz

Brown Bag AllStars - "Dumbin' Out" (prod. by maticulous, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Starting off Promo Sunday a little late, usually I serve it as breakfast but now its gonna be served as dinner. Eat up


Welcome Back To Brown Bag Season!

Here's the track for this week:

Brown Bag AllStars - "Dumbin' Out" (prod. by maticulous, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Check it out HERE
or open link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/61525625a7831dc2/

Download the Clean Version HERE
or open link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/61699869243d8874/

Captain Dan and the Scruvy Crew - From the Seas to The Streets

YARRRR!! This be the epic 3rd album from notorious hip-hop buccaneers Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew. "From the Seas to the Streets" pushes their sound to new limits, as heavy orchestral gangster beats meet authentic rhymes from the high seas.The
subject matter of this album includes(but is not limited to) being a drunken sailor, theft, digging for gold, appreciation for the female form, and attacking Santa Claus.

1.From The Seas To The Streets
2.That's How We Row
3.Burning Sea
4.On The Account
5.Calypso's Crabs
6.Blow The Man Down
7.Chests O'Plenty
8.Ship 2 Ship
9.Diggin' For Gold
10.Pirates Code
11.Ladies In Scarlet
12.Drunken Sailor
13.A Pirate Christmas

Download HERE

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cookin' Soul Presents Michael Jackson - Tribute To The King Of Pop

Cookin' Soul Presents Michael Jackson - Tribute To The King Of Pop
Michael Jackson tribute mixtape. Cookin' Soul is behind this it might be real hot. Check it out


Cookin' Soul Presents Michael Jackson - Tribute To The King Of Pop


01. Intro
02. Beat It (Feat. Kid Cudi)
03. Remember The Time (Feat. 50 Cent)
04. Bad (Feat. Ludacris)
05. Skit
06. I Want You Back (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
07. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Feat. Jay-Z)
08. Black Or White (Feat. Eminem)
09. Thriller (Feat. Notorious B.I.G)
10. Rock With You (Feat. Notorious B.I.G)
11. Smooth Criminal (Feat. 2Pac)
12. You Rock My World (Feat. Nas)
13. Outro
14. I Can’t Help It (Cookin Soul Band Remix)

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Michael Jackson 5 CD collection people. All his hits remembered. Its a sad time an icon died that made some amazing legendary music. I initially made jokes about his passing when not recognizing his talent and with stuck stigmas in my mind about him. He seemed like a good dude who cared about people and liked to have fun.

Man I hope that didn't sound too pussy but I am fucking wasted. No seriously I haven't done drugs in years but right now I am higher than two monkeys in a coconut tree. leave a comment about Michael or make me laugh or something.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson



Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: The Collection
Label: Sony BMG
Playtime: 327:34min
Genre: Pop
URL: http://mexican-taint.blogspot.com
Rip date: 2009-06-26
Street date: 2009-06-30
Size: 485.82 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 192 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

Release Notes - We miss you Michael :(-

Track List

Disc 1

01. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough ( 6:04)
02. Rock With You (Single Version) ( 3:40)
03. Workin' Day And Night ( 5:13)
04. Get On The Floor ( 4:39)
05. Off the Wall ( 4:05)
06. Girlfriend ( 3:05)
07. She's Out Of My Life (Single Version) ( 3:38)
08. I Can't Help It ( 4:29)
09. It's The Falling in Love ( 3:48)
10. Burn This Disco Out ( 3:44)
11. Voice-over Intro Quincy Jones Interview/Quincy Jones Interview #1 ( 0:37)
12. Voice-over Intro "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978)" ( 0:13)
13. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978) ( 4:48)
14. Quincy Jones Interview #2 ( 0:30)
15. Voice-over Intro "Workin' Day And Night (Original Demo From 1978)" ( 0:10)
16. Workin' Day And Night (Original Demo From 1978) ( 4:19)
17. Quincy Jones Interview #3 ( 0:48)
18. Voice-over Intro Rod Temperton Interview/Rod Temperton Interview ( 4:57)
19. Voice-over Intro Quincy Jones Interview #4/Quincy Jones Interview ( 1:32)

Disc 2

01. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ( 6:03)
02. Baby Be Mine ( 4:20)
03. The Girl Is Mine ( 3:42)
04. Thriller ( 5:57)
05. Beat It (Single Version) ( 4:18)
06. Billie Jean (Single Version) ( 4:54)
07. Human Nature ( 4:06)
08. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) ( 3:59)
09. The Lady In My Life ( 5:00)

Disc 3

01. Bad ( 4:07)
02. The Way You Make Me Feel ( 4:58)
03. Speed Demon ( 4:01)
04. Liberian Girl ( 3:53)
05. Just Good Friends ( 4:07)
06. Another Part Of Me (Single Version) ( 3:54)
07. Man In The Mirror ( 5:19)
08. I Just Can't Stop Loving You ( 4:12)
09. Dirty Diana ( 4:41)
10. Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit) ( 4:17)
11. Leave Me Alone ( 4:40)
12. Voice-over Intro Quincy Jones Interview # 1/Quincy Jones Interview #1 ( 4:03)
13. Streetwalker ( 5:49)
14. Voice-over Intro Quincy Jones Interview #2/Quincy Jones Interview #2 ( 2:53)
15. Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) ( 4:05)
16. Quincy Jones / Quincy Jones Interview #3 ( 2:30)
17. Voice-over Intro "Fly Away" ( 0:08)
18. Fly Away ( 3:26)

Disc 4

01. Jam ( 5:38)
02. Why You Wanna Trip On Me ( 5:24)
03. In The Closet ( 6:31)
04. She Drives Me Wild ( 3:41)
05. Remember The Time ( 4:00)
06. Can't Let Her Get Away ( 4:58)
07. Heal The World ( 6:25)
08. Black Or White ( 4:16)
09. Who Is It ( 6:34)
10. Give In To Me ( 5:29)
11. Will You Be There ( 7:40)
12. Keep The Faith ( 5:57)
13. Gone Too Soon ( 3:23)
14. Dangerous ( 6:57)

Disc 5

01. Unbreakable ( 6:26)
02. Heartbreaker ( 5:09)
03. Invincible ( 4:46)
04. Break of Dawn ( 5:32)
05. Heaven Can Wait ( 4:49)
06. You Rock My World (Edit) ( 5:39)
07. Butterflies ( 4:40)
08. Speechless ( 3:18)
09. 2000 Watts ( 4:24)
10. You Are My Life ( 4:33)
11. Privacy ( 5:05)
12. Don't Walk Away ( 4:24)
13. Cry ( 5:00)
14. The Lost Children ( 4:00)
15. Whatever Happens ( 4:56)
16. Threatened ( 4:19)


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

R.I.P Michael Jackson from The Mexican Taint



Las Angeles based rapper Tash of Tha Alkaholiks teams up with Amalgam Digital to present his sophomore album, “Control Freek”. This album is the follow up to his critically acclaimed album “Rap Life” (1999) with such classics as “Smokefest ’99″ ft. Outkast, B-Real, and Phil Da Agony.

Together the Alkaholiks have released 5 albums and now Tash gears up for his highly anticipated second solo album. The album features production and rapping from his Alkaholics crew mates E-Swift and J-Ro, as well as appearances from West Coast hero’s B-Real, King Tee and Del The Funky Homosapien.


Label: Amalgam Digital
Genre: Hip Hop
Quality: 44.1 @VBR Lame 3.97
Time: 51:19min
Size: 74.4MB


01. The Book Ch. 1
02. Go West feat. E-Swift (of Tha Alkaholiks)
03. Get It feat. Del The Funky Homosapien
04. How Hi Can U Get feat. B-Real (of Cypress Hill)
05. Wet Paint feat. Kokane
06. Pull It Outcha Pocket
07. Started With A Bang feat. Fameus
08. Obama Skit
09. Push The Button feat. Khujo Goodie (of Goodie Mob)
10. A Penny For My Thoughts feat. Samuel Christian
11. We Do This feat. King Tee, Knocturnal, J Beam
12. Right / Wrong feat. J-Ro (of Tha Alkaholiks), A Jammali
13. Bubble Up
14. Closer
15. Tony Touch Intro
16. City’s Out
17. New Bikini
18. Don’t Wanna Kill U feat. King Tee, Styliztik Jones, Osin
19. Liquor Store Run feat. J-Ro (of Tha Alkaholiks), Montage One

Rapidshare Download


   Artist: VA-Duka Da God, Camron, AnTitle: Tha Last Dragon
   Source: CDDA Size: 70,3 MB
   Encoder: Exact Audio Copy Bitrate: VBRkbps
   Ripped: Jun-24-2009 Streetdate: 000-00-0000
   Genre: Rap Run Time: 64:15
   Label: n/a
   Url: n/a

 No. Time Track
 01. 01:51 Duke Da God - Intro
 02. 03:03 Camron - Crime Pays (Original)
 03. 04:06 Camron - Lets Talk About It (Feat. Jadakiss)
 04. 02:48 Vado - Pushin It (Feat. Camron)
 05. 03:00 Hell Rell - Bronx Nigga
 06. 03:30 Lil Wayne - After Disaster
 07. 02:14 Lil Wayne - Im A Rider
 08. 03:26 A-Mafia - Mafia Bay
 09. 04:30 Skeme Team - I Make It Look Good (Sudaboss, 40cal, And L.B.)
 10. 04:30 Camron - Spend The Night
 11. 02:49 J.R. Writer - Welcome Back
 12. 01:48 Bezel - 2 X Dope
 13. 02:01 A-Mafia - Freestyle
 14. 01:19 Styles P - Super Ghost
 15. 03:09 730 Dips - Be Alright (Jetlag, Sen, Tito Green, And Freekey Zeke)
 16. 02:16 Mel Matrix - Call Shots
 17. 01:56 Bezel - Keep Talkin (Feat. Casino)
 18. 03:32 Shiest Bubz - Dream (Feat. Broadway Slim And Smoke)
 19. 01:46 Tuge - Freestyle
 20. 02:48 Fred Money - Goin In
 21. 03:56 Camron - Cookies And Apple Juice (Feat. Bird Lady)
 22. 03:57 King Tut - Outro (R.I.P.)

  Release Notes:
  this tape sounds terrible another tracklist error, tracklist on cover is listed as 21
  tracks but if you look close there are two number 19s, tracks do retain order anyways
  id hate to see these dj's resumes with all these mistakes lol


Friday, June 26, 2009

BBC : My Weapon Is a Dog

Rickie Haywood-Williams meets the young men who take dangerous dogs onto the streets and asks whether dogs have become the new weapon of choice. He discovers that some owners deliberately train and abuse their animals to make them vicious attack dogs, and learns that the most iconic and feared dog of all, the pit bull, is back on our streets.



New Ace Hood album. Not a fan of this guy, not a fan at all. Remember that awful video with him and Khaled and Fat Joe in those little t-rex things with a green screen behind them? Yea that video and song was awful. But it leaked and I know a lot of you guys like him. Check it out.



Artist.......: Ace Hood ²Û
Title........: Ruthless ° ° ÞÛ
Label........: Def Jam °Û
Release.Type.: Album ° ° Û
Genre........: RAP Û
Source.......: CDDA ²
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new ±
Quality......: 205 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00 °
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-26
Year.........: 2009 °
Tracks.......: 13
Playtime.....: 0h 51min Total
Size.........: 76.52 MB


01. Get Money (featuring Rick Ross) 3:54
02. Loco Wit The Cake (featuring Schife) 3:47
03. Born An O.G. (featuring Ludacris) 3:49
04. Overtime (featuring Akon & T-Pain) 4:04
05. Champion (featuring Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross) 4:24
06. Love Somebody (featuring Jeremiah) 5:04
07. Don't Get Caught Slippin' 3:27
08. This Nigga Here (featuring Birdman & Schife) 4:06
09. Mine (featuring The-Dream) 3:40
10. Wifey Material (featuring Lloyd) 4:05
11. 'Bout Me (featuring ballgreezy) 3:32
12. Zone 3:57
13. Make A Toast 3:55





This shit actually came out, go figure...

Artist.......: Maino
Title........: If Tomorrow Comes
Label........: Atlantic
Release.Type.: Album
Genre........: RAP
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality......: 174 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-26
Year.........: 2009
Tracks.......: 19
Playtime.....: 1h 05min Total
Size.........: 85.92 MB

Release Notes

New Maino!! Who else did you expect to bring it to you first?

R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON 8/29/1958 - 6/25/2009


Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1


01. Million Bucks (featuring Swizz Beatz) 2:57
02. Scene 1: If Tomorrow Comes... 1:20
03. Back To Life (featuring Pusha! Montana) 3:14
04. Remember My Name 3:46
05. Gangsta (featuring B.G.) 4:35
06. Scene 2: The Meeting 0:39
07. All The Above (featuring T-Pain) 5:15
08. Here Comes Trouble 3:14
09. Scene 3: Hating 1:09
10. Hi Hater 3:37
11. Let's Make A Movie 4:02
12. Kill You 3:05
13. Scene 4: Contemplating 0:48
14. Runaway Slave 3:58
15. Soldier 4:11
16. Hood Love (featuring Trey Songz) 4:12
17. Floating 3:26
18. Scene 5: The Phone Call 0:44
19. Celebrate 10:54

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen Cam XviD - Lynks



The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1055369/

LENGTH: 02:19:46

FRAME RATE: 25 Frames/Second




SIZE: 1.49 GiG



Wu-Tang - Chamber Music (2009)

Wu-Tang - Chamber Music (2009)
This shit just leaked and dude on the chat box hit me with the link so I'm throwing it up on here. Get this or wait for the scene release immediately.Stay focused.


Wu-Tang: Chamber Music (June 30th) pairs members of the Clan with other 90’s-era NYC emcees. Executive Produced by RZA and features a combination of new beats and live instrumentation by Brooklyn soul band The Revelations.

Wu-Tang - Chamber Music (2009)

1. Redemption
2. Kill Too Hard f. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Ace
3. The Abbot f. RZA
4. Harbor Masters f. Ghostface Killah, AZ and Inspectah Deck
5. Sheep State f. RZA
6. Radiant Jewels f. Raekwon, Cormega and Sean Price
7. Supreme Architecture f. RZA
8. Evil Deeds f. Ghostface Killah, RZA and Havoc
9. Wise Men f. RZA
10. I Wish You Were Here f. Ghostface Killah and Tre Williams
11. Fatal Hesitation
12. Ill Figures f. Raekwon, M.O.P. and Kool G Rap
13. Free Like ODB f. RZA
14. Sound The Horns f. Inspectah Deck, Sadat X and U-God
15. Enlightened Statues f. RZA
16. NYC Crack f. RZA
17. One Last Question…

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Playboy's Farrah Fawcett Nude Scenes

farrah fawcett nude scenes
Sadly we lost Farrah Fawcett today. I saw it on the news today while eating my fruity pebbles. Feeling a slight feeling of sadness in my cold dark heart I also thought that this is the perfect day to post her nude scenes compilation by Playboy. I found this file a while ago and was letting it sit for a day like today for it to be more special.

The video includes photoshoots, scenes shot for Playboy and other stuff too narrated by Farrah Fawcett. Think of how happy she would be knowing that you got joy from masturbating to her posthumously in an imagined scene that you would play her doctor when she wasn't feeling good. Do it for Farrah, she would of wanted you to to abuse your meat while thinking about her.

R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett


Hotfile Download


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Street LP version, differs from the web version.

  Artist: 50-Cent Title: The War Angel (Street LP Version)
  Source: CDDA Size: 35,9 MB
  Encoder: Exact Audio Copy Bitrate: VBRkbps
  Ripped: Jun-24-2009 Streetdate: 000-00-0000
  Genre: Rap Run Time: 32:26
  Label: n/a
  Url: n/a

  No. Time Track
  01. 02:54 I Line Niggas
  02. 03:15 Codes
  03. 02:43 Ok Alright
  04. 02:41 Redrum
  05. 03:16 Cream 2009
  06. 03:01 Ill Do Anything
  07. 03:13 London Girl
  08. 02:29 Better Come On Your Game
  09. 02:41 Get The Message
  10. 02:40 Cocaine (Feat. Robin Thicke)
  11. 02:46 I Gotta Win
  12. 00:47 Outro

 Release Notes:
  Nukers keep it in your pants
  This is the street version dj whoo kid has
  added his lovely presence to this version it
  is not the same at the thisis50.com version
  tracklist says 11 but there were 12 last
  track is outro
  www.mixrus.com holla

Download [Mirrors]


  Artist: Cassidy Title: Apply Pressure (Hosted By Big Mike And Dj Thoro)
  Source: CDDA Size: 83,7 MB
  Encoder: Exact Audio Copy Bitrate: VBRkbps
  Ripped: Jun-24-2009 Streetdate: 000-00-0000
  Genre: Rap Run Time: 76:28
  Label: n/a
  Url: n/a

  No. Time Track
  01. 01:05 Apply Pressure (Intro)
  02. 04:22 Wrist Game
  03. 03:52 Nightmares
  04. 01:37 Na Na Na (Freestyle)
  05. 02:31 Ayy
  06. 04:04 Get That Bread
  07. 04:03 Plenty Money
  08. 04:27 Whos The Best
  09. 04:22 Top Notch
  10. 04:13 Nine Is On Me
  11. 04:31 Apply Pressure bw Bullet
  12. 05:06 Unexpected
  13. 03:15 How Real Is This
  14. 02:28 They Shook
  15. 02:16 50 Bars
  16. 03:20 Drop (Freestyle)
  17. 00:12 Kanye West Shout Out (Interlude)
  18. 02:49 Heartless
  19. 02:20 Thats What They Yellin Bout
  20. 03:53 Jumpin In My Bag
  21. 02:21 Shut Ya Bloodclot Mouth
  22. 01:54 Hypnotize
  23. 03:35 Greatest Alive
  24. 03:52 Dear Rodney

Release Notes:
  Tracklist is all fucked up 25 tracks on
  tracklist only 24 on disk... the songs are
  all mixed up on the cd some tracks were
  combined a random kanye sample for one of
  the tracks
  i think it is tagged 100% to what the tracks
 really are took alot of work
 hope yall appreciate this tape