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AIMP2 v.2.51 Build 330 (Winamp Alternative)

Recently I was hearing from some of my boys that they don't use Winamp because it takes too many system resources (makes your computer slow when running) and they refer to Winamp as bloatware. I investigated this by checking how much resources and memory Winamp was using and it was crazy how much it was using. I quickly looked for an alternative and researched this program AIMP. After installing and trying out AIMP2 I found that it used less than 1/4 of the resources that my Winamp was using, so it was a safe bet that I was gonna stick with this.

The program is very very similar to Winamp though, everything should look familiar to a Winamp user with most of the same options. You can even use almost all Winamp plugins and skins that are made for Winamp on AIMP so that's a huge advantage for people switching over.

The only disadvanteges is the media library and search function for which Winamp's is far superior. The way the library is set up is different so when you search an artist you won't get a album list seperate from the artist like winamp so I can easily click the album for the song that I know the artist has which I do frequently. Another disadvantage is the no gaps between tracks as the default setting, but this can be fixed quickly in the options to not allow crossfading or to make the gap bigger.

Now I haven't got rid of Winamp its still installed on my computer and when I feel like just listening to one artist or really need to find a specific track and to see what album it was on I prefer to use Winamp for that and also the superior tag editing and file editing of Winamp as well.

This program's pros overweigh out the cons in my opinion and has taken over as my default music player. What's the best part though? ITS FREE! No, not just for mexican-taint visitors I mean for everybody its a free program so spread the word if you like it and remember who told you about it first.


The main advantages

  • Support for a large number of music formats:
    MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC / MP+, AAC, AC3, Ogg, FLAC,APE, WavPack, Speex, WAV, CDA, WMA, S3M, XM, MOD, IT, MO3, MTM, UMX

  • The great functionality and intuitive interface

  • 18-band EQ and built-in sound effects
    Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed

  • 32-bit audio processing
    to achieve the best quality

  • Work with multiple playlists at once

  • Support of modules for functionality enhancement
    You can add new utilities and expand existing, connect such plugins as Input, Gen, DSP from Winamp

  • Shutting down the computer
    You can sleep under favorite music, setting the timer to switch off the computer.

  • Online radio
    Listen and save!

  • Creation of bookmarks and playback queue

  • Hot keys
    Set up local and global hotkeys to your taste!

  • Multilingual interface

  • Multiuser mode
    Several users are working with one computer? No problem.

  • Full Unicode support

  • File search
    Search files on all open playlists

  • Flexible program settings

  • Small size of program distribution

  • Audio Converter
    Allows you to convert music from a variety of formats to wma, mp3, wav, ogg

  • Audio Grabber
    You can convert AudioCD (CDA) in MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA

  • Soung recording
    Allows you to write the sound from any audio device in the system and save in mp3, ogg, wav and wma format

  • Tag Editor
    You can easily edit tags of audio files, rename group of files, sort out by required template or apply tags' values to a group of files.

  • Audio Library
    Represents the organizer of music files, which will allow you to easily sort your music, mark listened audios.
AIMP2 v.2.51 Build 330

+ Player: Automatically subdividing to tracks when adding file that has CUE-Sheet
+ Player: Possibility to turn off Explorer context menu cascading
+ Player: "Windows Default" added to default sound output devices list
+ Player: Repeating of the part of the track (A-B Repeat) added
+ Player: Crossfading effect when rewinding track added
+ Player: When playing CUE-Sheet real track's format will be displayed in information line
+ Player: Displaying duration and size of files, selected in playlist
+ Player: Embedded CUE-Sheet support for WV, FLAC, APE formats
+ Player: Reconnection to internet-radiostation when losing connection
+ Player: XSPF playlists support
+ Player: Ability to adjust pause between tracks
+ Player: Template for filename for radio recording
+ Player: Adjusting playlist scrolling speed
* Removed title scrolling from playlist
* Removed ability to dock main window to audio library because of the instability

+ Tag editor: "Disk number" field added
+ Tag editor: Ability to edit Embedded CUE-Sheet
+ Tag editor [Advanced]: Multiple deleting of selected tags
+ Tag editor [Advanced]: MiniPlayer for track preview

+ SkinsEngine: "All In One" mode added
+ SkinsEngine: Ability to create user's containers added
+ SkinsEngine: New elements added - CoverArt, Rating Display, A-B Repeat Mode
+ SkinsEngine: Half-opaque support for elements that can't contain other elements
+ SkinsEngine: DockingEngine updated

+ Plugins: Information line is a plugin now
+ Plugins: Automatic computer shutdown is a plugin now
+ Plugins: Active online Shoutcast / Icecast radiostations browser added
+ Plugins: CoverArt Downloader added

+ Core: In Windows Vista and higher "Vista Dialogs" will be used instead of classic
+ Core: "While-typing" TreeView navigation
+ Core: Single-line text painting speed-up
+ Core: Internal classes and functions optimisation
+ Core: Small bugs fixed

+ Information line: FadeIn and FadeOut
+ Information line: Optional album art displaying
+ Information line: Ability to adjust text alignment

+ Audio Library: Ability to reset statistics
+ Audio Library: DB requests optimization
+ Audio Library: CUE-Sheet support
+ Audio Library: Sorting playlists by rating
+ Audio Library: Displaced files management

+ DSP-Manager: Button to reset effects to their default values
+ DSP-Manager: Equalizer algorithm updated
+ DSP-Manager: "Replay gain" tag support in "Auto normalize sound volume" module
+ DSP-Manager: DFX9 compability improved

+ Queue: Ability to save queue as playlist
+ Queue: Ability to turn off queue saving after player shutdown
+ Queue: Moving queue manager items by mouse

+ Sound recording: Moved to separate package
+ Sound recording: Engine optimized

+ Audio converter: Moved to separate package
+ Audio converter: Engine optimized
+ Audio converter: Option added "skip the file if it already exists in destination folder"
+ Audio converter: "_new" suffix is deleted automatically if the source file is deleted after converting

Planned to next beta versions:
+ Help: russian and english
+ Plugin: Simple Scheduler

Aimp homepage (click ENG on the top right of the page for english translation)

What's new at AIMP v2.51 Build 330?
* Updated: UTF8 encoding supports for cue-sheets
- Fixed: crash of program sometimes when listening internet-radio
- Fixed: Some small bugs

EXE: EC3C91CC560EEB4BAB112FDD69099C48

Download from mirror:: [3.74 Mb]
4. (UA-IX, DE-IX)

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