Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Looking for squeaky clean, fresh, commercial, sort of ex hip hop group that lost its soul that the whole family can listen to? Well look no further fuckface, here's the Black Eyed Peas!



Artist.......: Black Eyed Peas ²Û
Title........: The E.N.D ° ° ÞÛ
Label........: Interscope °Û
Release.Type.: Album ° ° Û
Genre........: Hip-Hop Û
Source.......: CDDA ²
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new ±
Quality......: 185 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00 °
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-03
Year.........: 2009 °
Tracks.......: 15
Playtime.....: 1h 07min Total
Size.........: 89.60 MB


01. Boom Boom Pow 5:08
02. Rock That Body 4:28
03. Meet Me Halfway 4:44
04. Imma Be 4:16
05. I Gotta Feeling 4:48
06. Alive 5:02
07. Missing You 4:34
08. Ring-A-Ling 4:32
09. Party All The Time 4:43
10. Out Of My Head 3:51
11. Electric City 4:08
12. Showdown 4:27
13. Now Generation 4:06
14. One Tribe 4:40
15. Rockin To The Beat 3:45

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