Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scheme - The Manifesto EP

Scheme - The Manifesto EP
Underground rapper and visitor of the site Scheme (Molemen Inc) has dropped a few singles here on MT in the past month or so in preparation for his album release which is today! The Manifesto EP drops today and is available at online retailers like Itunes, Amazon, Lala, Napster, and UGHH.com. The album features ( Jean Grae, Astonish, Tone Pro, and Wes Restless)

Scheme did us a solid by exclusively letting Mexican-Taint visitors to download the album. He stresses that if you are feeling it to buy it from one of those online retailers or at least spread the word and get others to buy his album he worked so hard on.


Molemen Inc. & the Sound Merchants Present:

Scheme - The Manifesto EP

The Manifesto EP is Available Now @ ITunes, Amazon, Lala, Napster, and UGHH.com

We are also distributing it for free download because we understand how much music has changed throughout these past couple of years. We feel confident in the music we created and want to make sure we get it to as many people as possible. To those of you who enjoyed The Manifesto EP please feel free to purchase a copy and show your support. We would really appreciate it. As an artist our focus is to get the music to the people. Also, please do us the favor of passing it on to your friends. We need all the support we can get. Buy it, Download it, Blog About It, Hit up your favorite message board about it, Share It, and Support it.

We appreciate the love so far.

Let them know.

The Manifesto is here.


Scheme - The Manifesto EP

1. The Manifesto (Intro)

2. Respect The Art

3. Spotlight Feat. Wes Restless

4. Let Me Do My Thing Feat. Jean Grae

5. Modern Day Warfare

6. Chicano

7. All I Know

8. Extravagant Lifestyle Feat. Tone Pro & Astonish

9. Fin (Outro)

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