Monday, July 13, 2009

5 Boro - Word Of Mouth

WORD OF MOUTH is the third full-length video from 5-boro skateboards, which is based out of New York City. Skater-owned and operated, 5-boro has always kept its grassroots beliefs by focusing its attention on the team rather than marketing and advertising campaigns. This attitude results in a tight-knit team who all share a common love for skateboarding and traveling.

Charlie Wilkins, who is the latest pro to be added to the 5-boro roster, starts the video out with good momentum. Showing his versatility by adapting to any kind of terrain whether it's 13 stair rails or the legendary C-bowl located in his hometown of Boston, Charlie's skating is clean and precise. Dan Pensyl charges hard with some high-speed lines. The guy looks like he's either going to grind whatever is in front of him or throw a shoulder block that would make Mike V. proud. Dan is another all-terrain skater who ends his parts with an incredible blunt-kickflip to fakie in a pool. Andy Pitts section flows nicely from start to finish with consistently tech ledge skating and some kicklip-noseblunt slide combos. Skater/owner Steve Rodriguez has been skating for over 20 years, and looks as if he's having as much fun as when he started. Aaron Suski's part combines some obscure Arizona spots with some blazing NYC lines that shows his skating can make any spot look fun.

WORD OF MOUTH gives you 5-boro's definition of skateboarding by showcasing its versatile team. No hype, skits or costumes in this video, just natural skateboarding filmed and edited by Seamus Deegan.

2 parts

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