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Oh shiz! The bad boy from Bone Thugs is back with volume 2 of Back With The Thugz. As anyone that even barely knows me knows that I'm a HUGE Bone Thugs fan. They're my favorite music act. If I had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life it would be Tha Crossroads. I can't fucking wait for September 1st. Why? Because of the new Bone Thugs album, Uni5. All the thugs are back together. Like I've been hoping and saying for years, as soon as Flesh-N-Bone got out of lockdown Bone Thugs got back together. The first step Flesh-N-Bone took out of that prison was the same moment I got a huge hard-on.

OK. Onto this album. It's not up to snuff for me. Don't get me wrong though. It is a good album. I just expect the best from any member of Bone. Bizzy Bone doesn't flip his flow like we all love to hear. It also doesn't feature any Bone Thug members on it. None-the-less, get this shit now. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

The fifth dog is home so now the reign of Bone can continue. Bow down to the originators!



Bizzy Bone - Back With The Thugz Pt. 2

LABEL........ : Hi Power Ent.
RIP QUALITY.. : VBRkps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RIP DATE..... : 07/22/2009
RELEASE DATE. : 00/00/2009
PLAYING TIME. : 58:07 min
WEBSITE...... :


01 01:05 Back With The Thugz Pt. 2
02 04:22 Empty Out My Clip (Feat. Mr. Capone-E)
03 03:55 Put Yo' Hands Up
04 05:19 Dedicated 2 The Military
(Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force)
05 03:52 I Know
06 03:54 On The Inside
07 04:38 Dealing With A Thug (Feat. Mr. Capone-E)
08 01:06 Breath Of Bizzy
09 04:40 Fire, Fire, Fire
10 01:25 I Demand Much Respect
11 04:19 Look Into My Eyes
12 03:45 Not Scary (Feat. Mr. Criminal)
13 04:45 Automatic Glock
14 04:30 Getcha Money
15 02:59 Always Be With You (Feat. Hazadous)
16 03:33 Diary Of A "G" Promo


Bad pressings...

Back With The Thugz Vol. 2 is like
a breath of fresh air compared to
the first one. With less guest
appearances, a better finished
sound, and more conceptual Bizzy
tracks, this might be the best
Bizzy release of the 3 he has with
Hi Power Music. It is less
commercial than the previous one so
the radio heads may find it too
underground for their tastes, but
Bizzy sounds better on this than he
has with any other underground

Tracks like "Put Yo Hands Up",
"Fire, Fire, Fire", and "Not Scary"
bring out an aggressive and sober
sounding Bizzy, while "Dedicated 2
The Military" offers a chilling
vision of war on the streets and
overseas. Bizzy saves his smooth
and emotional side for the final 2
tracks, but stays away from
anything even resembling

Back With The Thugz 2 is Bizzy's
most hardcore album ever. Though
his metaphorical lyrics may still
be hard to decipher, he doesn't
seem as spaced out as he has on
other recent projects. This is a
west coast influenced street album
every step of the way, and long
time Bizzy Bone fans will
appreciate this album for being
different than his 16 other albums.

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