Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mr. Beatz-"The MC on the MPC"

What's good?

My name is Mr. Beatz and I'm an underground Hip Hop artist (MC/beatmaker) from NY who has been doing shows all over NYC as well as having a video out and having music played on many different underground radio shows all over.

I have a new song that I'm pushing as a single and the name of it is "The MC on the MPC" and here's a little montage that's on Youtube for it:

Here's a video of me performing it live at the Nuyorican in NYC and I actually brought my MPC (drum machine/sampler) on stage:

Lastly, here are the links for downloading the song:

Dirty Version:

Radio Edit:

Everyone can find more info about me at links below. I also attached a promo pic for you to use in the post. I also have a show coming up on July 23rd that will be hosted by KOOL HERC, the godfather of Hip Hop himself and there's a flyer attached to this email for that too. If you could add that to the post, that'd be greatly appreciated!

Mexican taint is a great blog and I check it out all the time, so I really appreciate you guys doing the promo Sunday thing! You'll get more exclusives from me soon! Peace!

Mr. Beatz
Puritivity Muzic - The Official Mr. Beatz Website - Mr. Beatz's Myspace Page - Mr. Beatz's blog Page - Don't ask! LOL
***Mr. Beatz Muzic video for "Plain and Simple", produced by The Avid Record Collector out now!
Check it out at - officially aired on Ralph McDaniels' legendary Video Music Box!

Mr. Beatz is a cool cat who was supposed to go up last week but due to some technical difficulties couldn't. I checked him out and he has some pretty dope joints.

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