Sunday, July 12, 2009

Promo Sunday 7/12

What up, I'm CZA and Taint has me taking care of the Promo Sundays from now on. I like my joints a little more uniform so it's gonna roll like this: videos up first, then albums, mixtapes and singles, shows and news (if any). I personally listen to everything I'm sent (provided it's not something I got to buy or go through too much effort to get to) and if I feel like it, probably will critique it. I do wanna stress however that I'm a cool dude who doesn't trip often but will if you (the artists) don't follow the submission guidelines.

1. The email address you send music, videos, show dates, etc. from now on is and NOT I'm the man to get at about your materials posted and anything you shoot his way will come directly to me anyways so save yourself a step and update the new addy.

2. All material, including singles to EPs, full lengths to show banners to news updates should come with a press pic (preferably .jpeg format) so that the readers know what you look like. If you don't include one, chances are your stuff isn't going up. Sounds simple, eh?

3. The deadline for submission is Friday of each week and anything in my inbox after 11:59 PM on Friday night will be put into the following week's Promo Sunday.If you had a last minute mixdown or spur of the moment show date let me know and I'll see what I can do--it still might not go up but I more than likely can work with you.

4. Don't send in "for sale" iTunes links without a free zShare or two because that's the quickest way to get your stuff skipped over. Give the readers a little taste of what's to come and I'll gladly put up your paid purchase links...we all gotta eat, right?

5. If you've had your music featured on other sites, (like OnSmash or 2DopeBoyz) don't send a link of their sites for your music--we ain't in the business of free promotion 'round these parts. zShare, Megaupload or any other free host will do as long as the link sends me directly to your stuff.

6. Don't send me mp3s directly. It's extra work for me to convert it into a zShare link and extra work ain't good on a Sunday, ya dig?

7. No cooperation=no play. Be cool, help me help you and we'll get along just fine. Be a dick and you'll never see the light of day on this piece.

Also, I'm a newboy on this blogging game so if my posts suck at first, you know why.

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