Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is a new Z-Ro mixtape. I've listened to it. Good music on here. Get it.



Artist: Z-Ro
Album: My Favorite Mixtape

-[Release Info]-

Genre : Rap
Date : Jul-18-2009
Year : 2009
Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs : 37
Size : 230,4 MB
Source : WEB

-[Track List]-


01.intro [01:13]
02.shelter from the storm [03:26]
03.talkin down on me [02:53]
04.southside (ft. big mello trae gheto and clche) [04:40]
05.still in the hood [04:20]
06.interlude [00:43]
07.life (ft. puff) [03:44]
08.sunshine (ft. lil keke) [03:50]
09.nothin left 2 live 4 (ft. guerilla maab) [03:29]
10.how does it feel [03:39]
11.still standing (ft. lil flex and big mello) [03:38]
12.its gonna be alright [03:05]
13.whats my name [03:52]
14.let me live my life [03:42]
15.tell me what you see [04:04]
16.hard times (ft. trae) [04:37]
17.interlude [01:14]
18.get yo paper [04:06]
19.mix session [00:50]
20.who could it be (ft. guerilla maab) [04:50]
21.is a playa (ft. guerilla maab) [04:49]
22.outro [02:06]


01.intro [00:56]
02.how does it feel [05:30]
03.nothin left 2 live 4 (ft. guerilla maab) [04:54]
04.sunshine (ft. lil keke) [05:18]
05.shelter from the storm [04:18]
06.talkin down on me [03:38]
07.life (ft. puff) [06:08]
08.southside (ft. big mello trae gheto and clche) [06:09]
09.whats my name [05:37]
10.let me live my life [04:32]
11.tell me what you see [05:34]
12.its gonna be alright [05:42]
13.get yo paper [05:51]
14.who could it be (ft. guerilla maab) [07:19]
15.is a playa (ft. guerilla maab and russell lee) [06:24]
150:40 min
150:40 min
230,4 MB

-[Release Notes]-


Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
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