Monday, September 28, 2009

Ace Hood Discography

Ace Hood Discography
Ace_Hood-Gutta-2008-C4Ace_Hood_Ft_Rick_Ross_And_T-Pain-Cash_Flow-_Promo_CDS_-2008-WHOAAce_Hood-Ruthless-2009-H3XAce_Hood-All_Bets_on_Ace__Hosted_by_DJ_Khaled_-Bootleg-2008 Ace_Hood_Ft_Rick_Ross_And_T-Pain-Cash_Flow-_Promo_CDS_-2008-WHOAAce_Hood_Ft_Trey_Songz-Ride__Promo_CDS_-2008-WHOA


Ace Hood - The Statement 2

Artist.......: Ace Hood
Title........: The Statement 2
Label........: We The Best
Release.Type.: Bootleg
Genre........: Rap
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME 3.98.4 -V 0
Quality......: 269 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2011-12-09
Rip.Date.....: 2012-01-10
Year.........: 2011
Tracks.......: 14
Playtime.....: 0h 52min Total
Size.........: 101.28 MB

Release Notes

Official Mixtape from Ace Hood part 2 of the Statement. All original production

Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1


01. Intro (Prod. DJ Khaled) 1:50
02. The Realist Living (Prod. The Renegades) 4:57
03. Free My Ni**as (Prod. The Renegades) 3:26
04. Luv Her Ft. 2 Chainz (Prod. The Renegades) 4:28
05. Shit Done Got Real Ft. Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf (Prod. The 4:12
06. Forgiv'n (Prod. DJ Khaled) 3:38
07. My Speakers (Prod. The Renegades) 4:02
08. Yuuup (Prod. Schife) 3:19
09. Be Great (Prod. The Renegades) 3:16
10. Check Me Out (Prod. K.E. On The Track) 4:07
11. Pay Her Bills (Prod. Cardiak) 3:02
12. Dreamer (Prod. The Renegades) 3:41
13. Body 2 Body Remix Ft. Rick Ross and Wale (Bonus) 4:08
14. Emergency Ft. Movado (Bonus) 4:09



R E L E A S E - i N F O

Artist : Ace Hood Feat 2 Chainz
Title : Luv Her
Record Label :
Release Date : 12/20/2011
Store Date : 00/00/2011
Genre : Rap
Year : 2011
Source : WEB
Size : 20.47 MB
Quality : 320kbps / 44100 / Joint Stereo

T R A C K - L I S T

1. Luv Her (Clean) [ 4:28 ]
2. Luv Her (Dirty) [ 4:28 ]





R E L E A S E - i N F O

Artist : Ace Hood Feat Rick Ross
Title : Realist Livin
Record Label :
Release Date : 11/28/2011
Store Date : 00/00/2011
Genre : Rap
Year : 2011
Source : WEB
Size : 34.09 MB
Quality : 320kbps / 44100 / Full Stereo

T R A C K - L I S T

1. Realist Livin (Clean) [ 4:58 ]
2. Realist Livin (Dirty) [ 4:57 ]
3. Realist Livin (Inst) [ 4:57 ]




Ace Hood-King of the Streets


ARTiST.....: Ace Hood
ALBUM......: King of the Streets
GENRE......: Rap
LABEL......: n/a
YEAR.......: 2011
TRACKS.....: 02
QUALiTY....: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
RiP DATE...: Sep-15-2011
URL........: n/a
SUPPLY.....: hhF
RiPPER.....: hhF


01 . King Of The Streets (Feat T-Pain) (Clean) 03:22
02 . King Of The Streets (Feat T-Pain) (Dirty) 03:22

PLAYTiME 06:44 min
SiZE 15,5 MB




Ace Hood - Blood Sweat And Tears


ARTIST: Ace Hood
ALBUM: Blood Sweat And Tears

RIP DATE: 2011-08-07 TOTAL TRACKS: 12 PLAYTIME: 00:48:28
STREET DATE: 2011-08-09

RLS TYPE: Normal release
CBR/VBR?: VBR LABEL: Def Jam/We The Best




1. King Of The Streets (Feat. T-Pain) 3:15
2. Go N Get It 3:56
3. Errythang (Feat. Yo Gotti) 4:19
4. Hustle Hard 3:18
5. Body 2 Body (Feat. Chris Brown) 3:55
6. Memory Lane (Feat. Kevin Cossum) 4:18
7. Letter To My Exs 4:59
8. Beautiful (Feat. Kevin Cossum) 3:07
9. Lord Knows 4:39
10. Bitter World 3:57
11. Spoke To My Momma 4:00
12. Hustle Hard (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross And Lil Wayne) 4:45




Ace Hood - Body Bag Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Infamous)

Artist...............: Ace Hood
Album................: Body Bag Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Infamous)
Genre................: Rap
Source...............: NMR
Year.................: 2011
Ripper...............: NMR
Codec................: FhG
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: CBR 160, (avg. bitrate: 160kbps)
Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3

Ripped by............: NMR
Posted by............: on 5/22/2011
News Server..........:
News Group(s)........:

Included.............: NFO, SFV, M3U
Covers...............: Front


01. (00:01:13) Ace Hood - felish monet (intro)
02. (00:04:17) Ace Hood - mr hood (prod by white hot)
03. (00:05:09) Ace Hood - go n get it (prod by lex luger)
04. (00:02:59) Ace Hood - tryin (feat. t-pain)
05. (00:04:23) Ace Hood - tear da roof off (prod by white hot)
06. (00:03:48) Ace Hood - oh (prod by dj montay)
07. (00:03:48) Ace Hood - real talk (prod by dj montay)
08. (00:02:57) Ace Hood - some dream (feat. meek mill) (prod by the renegades)
09. (00:03:35) Ace Hood - gotta go (feat. ball) (prod by white hot vinay)
10. (00:03:16) Ace Hood - just living (prod by cardiak beatz)
11. (00:02:28) Ace Hood - real big (prod by cardiak beatz)
12. (00:03:30) Ace Hood - i know (prod by schife)
13. (00:05:05) Ace Hood - turn up (prod by renegades)
14. (00:03:12) Ace Hood - errthang (prod by schife)
15. (00:02:07) Ace Hood - john freestyle
16. (00:02:27) Ace Hood - h.a.m freestyle
17. (00:02:28) Ace Hood - did it on em freestyle
18. (00:03:09) Ace Hood - yonkers freestyle
19. (00:05:14) Ace Hood - cosmic key freestyle
20. (00:02:11) Ace Hood - funk master flex freestyle

Playing Time.........: 01:07:15
Total Size...........: 79.98 MB





Ace Hood - Gutta

Label.........................: We The Best/Def Jam
Genre.........................: Rap
StoreDate.....................: Nov-18-2008
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 94,4 MB
Total Playing Time............: 63:00

Release Notes:


01. I Don't Give A Fuck 02:54
02. Can't Stop (Feat. Akon) 03:43
03. Get Em Up 03:45
04. Gutta (Feat. Trick Daddy) 04:00
05. Guns High (Feat. R. City) 04:11
06. Cash Flow (Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross) 04:22
07. Ride (Feat. Trey Songz) 04:25
08. Fed Bound 04:17
09. Stressin' (Feat. Plies) 05:08
10. Money Ova Here 02:58
11. Can't See Yall (Feat. Brisco) 03:44
12. Get Him 04:07
13. Call Me (Feat. Lloyd) 03:14
14. Ghetto (Feat. Dre) 04:45
15. Top Of The World 03:31
16. Ride (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana) 03:56

Support The Artists, Buy Their Music....



Ace Hood Ft Rick Ross & T-Pain-Cash Flow (Promo CDS)

LABEL - Def Jam
RIP QUALITY - VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RIP DATE - 03/28/2008
RELEASE DATE - 00/00/0000
PLAYING TIME - 13:25 min

01 04:28 Cash Flow (Clean)
02 04:30 Cash Flow (Dirty)
03 04:27 Cash Flow (Instrumental)

Artist: Ace Hood
| Album: Street Certified (Hosted By Bigga Rankin) |
| |
| |
+-------------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------------+
| |
| Genre : Hip-Hop |
| Date : Nov-22-2009 |
| Year : 2009 |
| Quality : 256kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo |
| Songs : 15 |
| Size : 76,2 MB |
| Source : WEB |
| |
+--------------------------------[Track List]--------------------------------+
| |
| 01.Intro - Get Off [03:28] |
| 02.I'm Good Freestyle [02:16] |
| 03.Throw It In Da Bag [01:30] |
| 04.Invented Sex [01:33] |
| 05.Lost It All [04:29] |
| 06.Takeova [03:19] |
| 07.Outro [00:49] |
| 08.I'm Raw [03:28] |
| 09.Fuck These Niggas [02:33] |
| 10.You Ain't Know [03:17] |
| 11.I'm Down [03:40] |
| 12.Loco Wit Da Cake [03:47] |
| 13.Nasty [02:31] |
| 14.You Know Wat It Is [02:38] |
| 15.Fed Up [02:13] |
| ------- |
| 41:31 min |
| 41:31 min |
| 76,2 MB |
+-------------------------------[Release Notes]------------------------------+
| |



Ace Hood Ft Trey Songz-Ride (Promo CDS)

LABEL - Def Jam
RIP QUALITY - VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RIP DATE - 08/11/2008
RELEASE DATE - 00/00/0000
PLAYING TIME - 13:22 min


01 04:28 Ride (Clean)
02 04:28 Ride (Dirty)
03 04:26 Ride (Instrumental)



Artist: Ace Hood
Album: Ace Wont Fold (Hosted By Dj Khaled)
Genre: Rap
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2
Playtime: 39:40 min
Tracks: 14
Rip Date: Jul-04-2008
Street Date: 000-00-0000

01 Intro 00:20
02 Cash Flow Ft. T-Pain & Rick Ross 04:21
03 We Here 01:49
04 Im Me 03:11
05 Lollipop 03:15
06 Collection Plate 04:41
07 Realest Nigga 02:09
08 Paper Touchin 02:40
09 400 Degreez 02:23
10 Ace Life 02:08
11 Vibin 03:22
12 Back In The Days 03:50
13 Naked Hustle 01:51
14 Picture Me Rollin 03:40

New Ace Hood Joint from the realest group around 0MNi




Artist: Ace Hood |
| Album: All Bets On Ace (Hosted By DJ Khaled) |
| |
| |
+-------------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------------+
| |
| Genre : Rap |
| Date : Jul-19-2009 |
| Year : 2008 |
| Quality : 192kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo |
| Songs : 14 |
| Size : 65,7 MB |
| Source : WEB |
| |
+--------------------------------[Track List]--------------------------------+
| |
| 01.all bets on ace [03:33] |
| 02.gutta (feat. trick daddy) [05:00] |
| 03.who hotter than me (freestyle) [02:11] |
| 04.i don't see y'all (feat. brisco) [03:40] |
| 05.get em [04:08] |
| 06.face good (feat. flo rida) [04:11] |
| 07.ace hood-gutta in stores oct. 14th [01:12] |
| 08.put on [02:14] |
| warning [04:59] |
| (feat. dj khaled, bun b, blood raw, brisco, bali, lil scra |
| 10.gutta bitch (remix) [01:25] |
| 11.blood money (feat. brisco, rick ross & birdman) [05:15] |
| 12.ride (feat. trey songz) [04:06] |
| 13.from a small city [04:29] |
| 14.khaled speaks [01:21] |
| ------- |
| 47:44 min |
| 47:44 min |
| 65,7 MB |
+-------------------------------[Release Notes]------------------------------+
| |
| Mixed by DJ Obscene. |
| |



Ace Hood - Ruthless

Artist.......: Ace Hood
Title........: Ruthless
Label........: Def Jam
Release.Type.: Album
Genre........: RAP
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality......: 205 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2009-06-26
Year.........: 2009
Tracks.......: 13
Playtime.....: 0h 51min Total
Size.........: 76.52 MB

Release Notes

New Ace Hood!!

R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON 8/29/1958 - 6/25/2009


Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1


01. Get Money (featuring Rick Ross) 3:54
02. Loco Wit The Cake (featuring Schife) 3:47
03. Born An O.G. (featuring Ludacris) 3:49
04. Overtime (featuring Akon & T-Pain) 4:04
05. Champion (featuring Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross) 4:24
06. Love Somebody (featuring Jeremiah) 5:04
07. Don't Get Caught Slippin' 3:27
08. This Nigga Here (featuring Birdman & Schife) 4:06
09. Mine (featuring The-Dream) 3:40
10. Wifey Material (featuring Lloyd) 4:05
11. 'Bout Me (featuring ballgreezy) 3:32
12. Zone 3:57
13. Make A Toast 3:55



01. Go N Get It (Intro)
02. Body 2 Body
03. Cash Flow
04. Overtime
05. Ride Or Die Remix
06. Im Thuggin
07. Welcome To My Hood
08. H.A.M.
09. Don’t Get Caught Slippin
10. Im The Shit
11. Bring The Money Out
12. Racks
13. Tear Da Roof
14. Out Here Grindin
15. Stressin
16. Lord Knows
17. Bitter World (Outro)
18. Bitch Ima Vulcha (Bonus)
19. Hustle Hard Remix (Bonus)



Title : Body 2 Body (Remix)
Artist : Ace Hood Feat Rick Ross, Wale, Chris Brown And DJ Khaled
Label :
Genre : Hip-Hop
Year : 2011
Ripper : Homely
Rip Date : 11/16/2011
Streetd. : 00/00/2011
Source : WEB

Bitrate : 320kbps / 44100 / Full Stereo
Size : 19.00 MB Total : 00:08:17

Track List:


1. Body 2 Body (Remix) (Clean) [ 4:08]
2. Body 2 Body (Remix) (Dirty) [ 4:09]





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