Saturday, December 12, 2009

UFC Marquee 26-50

More UFC for you guys. This is the second UFC collection I put together. This marquee will feature every UFC from #26-50. Same idea as the last marquee that you can see on the front page its called UFC Marquee 1-25 which featured the first 50 DVD's that came out for UFC.

The function and use of the marquee is simple. You will see a group of covers moving vertically in chronological order. Hover your mouse above the cover to see the title of the DVDRip that you want if you cannot tell from the cover itself. Then once the fight of your choice is picked then click it and you will be taken to the corresponding post of the fight where a description and download links will be. The UFC Marquee idea was spawned from the ever popular Martial Arts Movie Marquee which features your favorite martial arts movies in the same format. Once again this cannot of been done without my man Sickest. He does all the work by uploading the movies while I just code the marquees. After the jump check out the marquee and get started.


UFC 26: Ultimate Field Of Dreams
UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz
UFC 28: High Stakes
UFC 29: Defense of the Belts
UFC 30: Battle on the Boardwalk
UFC 31: Locked and Loaded
UFC 32: Showdown in the Meadowlands
UFC 33: Victory in Vegas
UFC 34: High Voltage
UFC 35: Throwdown
UFC 36: Worlds Collide
UFC 37: High Impact
UFC 37.5: As Real As It Gets
UFC 38: Brawl at the Hall
UFC 39: The Warriors Return
UFC 40: Vendetta
UFC 41 Onslaught
UFC 42 Sudden Impact
UFC 43 Meltdown
UFC 44 Undisputed
UFC 45 Revolution

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