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Kurtis Blow Discography

Kurtis Blow DiscographyKurtis Blow Discography

UPDATED 5/26/11



Kurtis Blow - Kurtis Blow


Artist : Kurtis Blow
Title : Kurtis Blow
Label : n/a Quality : 192kbps
Genre : Rap Mode : Full Stereo
Rdate : Jul-08-2004 Ripper : IHH
Size : 60,5 MB Source : CDDA

.TRACKLIST:.... .. .

01. rappin' blow (part 2) 04:39
02. the breaks 07:39
03. way you west 07:38
04. throughout your years 05:16
05. hard times 04:35
06. all i want in this world 04:56
(is to find that girl)
07. takin' care of business 05:21
08. christmas rappin' 03:55

Total Playtime: 43:59 min




kurtis blow deuce

rEleAsE iNFo

Supplier : KrbZ Encoder : Lame
Label : Polygram Records Source : vinyl
Rip Date : jun-09-2002 Size : 47,6 MB
Street Date : 000-00-0000 Tracks : 07
Style : rap Playtime : 34:35 min
Quality : 192kbps / 44,1kHz / full stereo


01. -05:28- the deuce
02. -05:34- it's gettin' hot
03. -06:54- getaway
04. -05:22- starlife
05. -04:10- take it to the bridge
06. -03:02- do the do
07. -04:05- rockin'

t0tAL PlaYtiMe : 34:35 min




General Info
Artist...................: kurtis blow
Title....................: break to rap
Release year.............: 1983
Genre....................: classic rap
Total time...............: 35:57
Type of recording........: vinyl
Bitrate..................: 192 kbps
Posting Info
Name of poster...........: tricke101 concrete rootz uk
Posted in................:
Posting date.............: 05/04/2005
SFV included.............: Yes
M3U included.............: Yes
Covers included..........: No
EAC logfile included.....: No

01-party time 09:29
02-do the do 02:59
03-boogie blues 05:22
04-the breaks 07:42
05-one-two-five (main street harlem usa) 05:07
06-throughout your years 05:16




Artist: Kurtis Blow
Album: The Best Rapper on the Scene
Ripper : s0me0ne
Genre : Rap
Date : Jan-19-2004
Year : 1983
Encoder : LAME 3.93.1
Quality : 192kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks : 08
Playtime : 43:03 min
Size : 59,2 MB
Type : Album
Source : Vinyl

Track List

01.Party Time [09:20]
02.Big Time Hood [03:13]
03.Go to Dance [04:12]
04.One-Two-Five [05:01]
05.Tough [06:41]
06.Juice [06:09]
07.The Boogie Blues [05:22]
08.Baby You`ve Got to Go [03:05]
43:03 min
43:03 min
59,2 MB




Kurtis Blow - Party Time?

Title [Party Time? ]
Artist [Kurtis Blow ]
Label [PolyGram ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44,1 @192 37,10 MB Ripped [Mar-09-2003 ]
Grabbed with [Soundforge ] Enc [LAME ]
Grabbed from [Vinyl ] Retail [000-00-1983 ]

Track Time Title

01 09:31 Party Time?
02 03:16 Big Time Hood
03 05:22 Nervous
04 04:16 Got To Dance
05 05:12 One-Two-Five
05 27:37 min




Kurtis Blow - Ego Trip


RiPPER.: AgentX DATE RiPPED..: 07-17-2002
LAbEL..: Mercury Records DATE RELEaSEd: 00-00-1984
BiTrAtE: 192 kbps TRACkS.......: 07
MOdE...: Joint-Stereo SoURCe.......: Vinyl


# Track Name Time

01 8 Million Stories 07:55
02 AJ Scratch 05:44
03 Basketball 06:19
04 Under Fire 07:18
05 I Cant Take it No More 04:12
06 Ego Trip 05:31
07 Fallin Back in Love Again 05:19

Total 42:18




Kurtis Blow - America


Artist : Kurtis Blow
Title : America
Label : n/a Quality : 192kbps
Genre : Rap Mode : Joint-Stereo
Rdate : Jul-10-2004 Ripper : IHH
Size : 67,4 MB Source : CDDA

.TRACKLIST:.... .. .

01. america 09:09
02. super sperm 01:10
03. aj meets davy dmx 06:36
04. hello baby 06:44
05. if i ruled the world 07:09
06. respect to the king 01:58
07. aj is cool 05:49
08. summertime groove 05:45
09. mc lullaby 00:26
10. dont cha feel like making love 04:14

Total Playtime: 49:00 min




Kurtis Blow - Kingdom Blow


RiPPER.: elemeno DATE RiPPED..: 16-10-2000
LAbEL..: Mercury DATE RELEaSEd: 00-00-1986
ENCOdER: FHG-Radium Codec RELEaSE SiZE.: 57,9 MB
BiTrAtE: 192 kbps TRACkS.......: 08
MOdE...: Full Stereo SoURCe.......: CDDA


01.Street Rock (featuring Bob Dylan) [08:57]
02.The Bronx [03:50]
03.Unity Party Jam [04:17]
04.Sunshine [04:10]
05.Magilla Gorilla (featuring George Clinton) [05:39]
06.I'm Chillin' [05:29]
07.Kingdom Blow [04:05]
08.Reasons For Wanting You [05:40]





Artist: Kurtis Blow
Album: Back By Popular Demand
Ripper : s0me0n3
Genre : Rap
Date : Mar-16-2004
Year : 1988
Encoder : LAME
Quality : 192kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks : 10
Playtime : 43:50 min
Size : 60,3 MB
Type : Album
Source : CDDA


01.Black by Popular Demand [05:22]
02.Only the Strongest Survive [05:59]
03.Im True to this [03:20]
04.Get on Up [02:22]
05.Suckers in the Place [04:39]
06.Love Don' Love Nobody [04:03]
07.Still on the Scene [04:29]
08.Express Yourelf [03:48]
09.Blue Iguana [03:56]
10.I'm Feeling Good [05:52]

43:50 min
43:50 min
60,3 MB



Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled the World VinylKurtis Blow - If I Ruled the World Vinyl

Artist: Kurtis Blow
Album: If I ruled the World

Release Info

Genre : Rap
Date : 000-00-0000
Year : 0000
Quality : 128kbps
Songs : 03
Size : 19,5 MB
Source : Shhh!

Track List]

01. If I ruled the World (Extended Version) [07:04]
02. If I ruled the World (Dub Version) [07:07]
03. If I ruled the World (Instrumental Version) [07:10]

Release Notes

Non Group Rip Exclusive Drop For MT.



Kurtis Blow - The Breaks VinylKurtis Blow - The Breaks Vinyl

Artist: Kurtis Blow
Album: The Breaks

Release Info

Genre : Rap
Date : 000-00-0000
Year : 2008
Quality : 192kbps / Average
Songs : 02
Size : 15,1 MB
Source : Shhh!

Track List

01.The Breaks (Vocal) [07:45]
02.The Breaks (Instrumental) [05:52]

Release Notes

Non Group Rip Exclusive Drop For MT.



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