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Mia X Discography

Mia X DiscographyMia X Discography

UPDATED 6/17/11



ALBUM: Unlady Like
LABEL: No Limit Records/Priority
STR.DATE: 06-24-1997
RLS.DATE: 02-15-2004
GENRE: Gangsta
ENCODER: Lame V3.90.3
BiTRATE: 192 kbps.
MODE: Joint-Stereo


01.You Dont Wanna Go to War Ft. C-Murder [05:26]
02.The Party Dont Stop Ft. Master P [04:12]
03.I Pity U [04:12]
04.Who Got the Clout Ft. Mystikal [03:22]
05.Aint 2 Be Played Wit [03:00]
06.Unlady Like [04:23]
07.Intro [00:37]
08.Ill Take Ya Man 97 Ft. Salt N Pepa [04:47]
09.Lets Get it Straight [03:28]
10.4 Ever Tru Ft. Tru [05:19]
11.Bring Da Drama Ft. Big Ed and Mr. Serv-On [02:51]
12.All Niggas [04:08]
13.Mamas Family Ft. Kane and Abel Klc and Mac [05:51]
14.I Dont Know Why [04:28]
15.Hoodlum Poetry [05:21]
16.Rainy Dayz [04:53]
17.Mommies Angels [04:01]
18.You and Me [04:08]
19.Rip Jil [03:37]
20.Thank You [01:31]

79:35 min
109,5 MB




Mia X "Mama Drama"

RELEASE DATE... [11-03-98] ENCODER..... Lame 3.90.3
RIP DATE....... [06-16-05] QUALITY..... --alt-preset standard
LABEL.......... Priority SIZE........ 102.64 MB
GENRE.......... Rap TRACKS...... 20


1.]Bring It On (Feat. Fiend, Mystikal, C-Murder, [5:10]
Skull Duggery, & Mac)
2.]Whatcha Wanna Do [4:40] |
3.]Don't Start No Shit (Feat. Master P & C-Murder) [3:55]
4.]Mama Drama (Feat. Fiend & Mystikal) [2:57]
5.]Imma Shine [4:03]
6.]I Think Somebody (Feat. Fiend) [3:03]
7.]Mama's Tribute [3:59]
8.]What's Ya Point (Feat. Fat Joe & Snoop Dogg) [4:20]
9.]Thugs Like Me [3:58]
10.]Ride Or Run (Feat. Big Ed & Steady Mobb'n) [3:21]
11.]TRU Bitches [3:07]
12.]Puttin' It Down (Feat. Mystikal, Fiend, Mac, & [3:55]
Kane & Abel)
13.]Ghetto Livin' (Feat. The Ghetto Commission) [4:04]
14.]Play Wit Pussy [3:47]
15.]Don't Blame Me (Feat. C-Murder & Mr. Serv-On) [4:09]
16.]Daddy [4:12]
17.]Like Dat [3:59]
18.]Sex Ed. (Feat. Silkk The Shocker) [4:44]
19.]Flip & Rip (Feat. Mac) [3:19]
20.]Fallen Angels (Dear Jill) [3:11]

Total Playing Time: 01:17:53




aRTi$T: Mia X
aLBuM: Good Girl Gone Bad
LaBeL: No Limit Records/Priority
GeNRe: Gangsta
TRaX: 14
MoDE: Joint-Stereo
BiTRaTE: 192 kbps.
eNc0dER: Lame V3.90.3
GRaBbER: EAC V0.95

$ToRE-: 11-21-1995
$ceNE-: 03-09-2004

Album Tracklisting

01.Ghetto Sarah Lee Ft. Conscious Daughters [05:44]
02.Yo Boyz [05:26]
03.Mission 2 Get Paid Ft. Master P And TRU [04:54]
04.Commercial 1 (Skit) [00:10]
05.Cant Trust A Man Ft. Suga T [04:04]
06.Commercial 2 (Skit) [00:51]
07.Payback LL [04:22]
08.Here Comes The Drama Ft. Tre 8 [04:42]
09.My Everything [05:37]
10.Good Girl Gone Bad [05:22]
11.Commercial 3 (Skit) Ft. Rev. Do Wrong [01:30]
12.Ghetto Ties [05:10]
13.Wanna Be Wit You [04:51]
14.R.I.P. Jil [04:28]

[TiME]-> 57:11

[MB's]-> 78,7



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Anonymous said...

big thanks! hope you can up the whole No Limit discography

Robert said...

Mia X need to drop some more music soon..

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