Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Personally I've never listened to this dude, and don't really have an interest to start. But Morphs loves him and if he knew this came out and I didn't post it asap he would throw a fit and launch his WOW game and headset across the room in a fit of rage, scaring the 8 year old Vietnamese kid on the other end who's playing as well. So to prevent any damage being done here is the latest T-Rock.

Download the bootleg, with a completely different tracklist, here.



Artist.......: T-Rock                                                       ▓█
Title........: Life Lessons (The Burning Book: Chapter II)     ░          ░ ▐█
Label........: Rock Solid Music                                             ░█
Release.Type.: Album                                                     ░ ░ █
Genre........: Rap                                                           █
Source.......: CDDA                                                          ▓
Encoder......: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new                                     ▒
Quality......: 201 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2010-00-00                                                    ░
Rip.Date.....: 2010-00-00
Year.........: 2010                                                          ░
Tracks.......: 17
Playtime.....: 1h 11min Total
Size.........: 103.47 MB

Release Notes

T-Rock has appeared on numerous gold and platinum albums, ranging from Three 6
Mafia to Project Pat and Gangsta Boo. He has released several underground
classics that have sold over 100,000 copies with barely any promotion. His
newest album also features guest appearances by Mr. Sche and C-Mob, just to name
a few.

Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1


01.  Boss Up (Prod. By Mr. Sche)                                  4:06
02.  Feelin Like Whateva (Prod. By Mossberg)                      3:36
03.  South Atlanta (Where We Hang At) (Additional Vocals By       4:32
     Scrilla Man) (Prod. By Mossberg)
04.  It's All G (Prod. By Mossberg)                               3:46
05.  Call His Own Shots (Ft. Scrilla Man) (prod. By D.J. Cree)    4:43
06.  Shit To Lose (Prod. By Syd Stylez)                           3:27
07.  Pushin (prod. By Mossberg)                                   5:07
08.  Money Walk (Prod. By Syd Stylez)                             4:37
09.  Sound Like Me (Prod. By Mossberg)                            4:16
10.  Dat Fruity (Ft. Reek Of Area 51 & Mr. Sche) (Prod. By Mr.    4:44
11.  In Gloc i Truss (Ft. Reek Of Area 51) (Prod. By D.J. Cree)   3:31
12.  Laugh (Prod. By Syd Stylez)                                  4:11
13.  In And Out (Prod. By Mossberg)                               4:23
14.  Breathin (Remix) (Prod. By M.A.J.)                           4:19
15.  Hell & Back (Ft. C-Mob) (Prod. By Mossberg)                  4:14
16.  The Matrix (Ft. Dyme Deville) (Prod. By D.J. Cree)           4:15
17.  Feelin How I'm Feelin (Remix) (Prod. By Mossberg)            3:55




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