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Yeah, when I start seeing comments and bitching about free shit I say to myself, "what is wrong with these pussies?" In an effort to find out what makes you (pussies duly noted others need not apply) tick, and when you will tick, I came across this useful program. It will also help you to avoid pregnancies too! -Anomaly

pHrOzEn - HeLL pReSeNtS
Hormonal Forecaster v5.3
tHe sToRy gOeS lIkE tHiS
rElEaSe tYpE : pAtCh [ ] sErIaL [X] kEyGeN [ ] oThEr [ ]
rElEaSe dAtE : 25/06/2010 dIsKs : [xx/02]
OS pLaTfOrM : WinAll
pRoGrAm tYpE : Application
cRaCkEr : tEaM pHrOzEn-HeLL tEsTeR : tEaM pHrOzEn-HeLL
tItLe : Hormonal Forecaster v5.3

The Hormonal Forecaster easily charts ovulation and fertility to
help you achieve or avoid conception and pregnancy by charting the
most fertile days of a woman’s cycle. The program uses Natural
Family Planning techniques such as symptothermal fertility, basal
body temperatures, cervical mucus observations, and the calendar
method. Let the program do all the calculations for you or utilize
the fertility charting feature to interpret your own ovulation
charts. The Hormonal Forecaster also generates personal statistics
based upon recorded data. You can chart up to 20 moods and/or
behaviors telling you everything such as what days you’re prone to
have headaches, be full of energy, experience menstrual cramps,
or anything else you’re interested in tracking.

The fertility feature allows you to see exactly which days of your
cycle you will be ovulating with an automatically computed margin
of error. The program uses Natural Family Planning to generate
symptothermal charts (ovulation charts) based upon basal body
temperatures and/or cervical mucus observations. Use the fertility
meter for one a one stop fertility summary, or interpret your own
generated symptothermal ovulation charts. Users not interested
in temperature readings and recording observations can also take
advantage of the simplicity of fertility calculations and graphing
done via the calendar method. The program’s ‘Pregnancy Advisory’
chart allows you to graphically see which days you will be most
fertile and therefore most likely to become pregnant.

In addition to fertility, the Hormonal Forecaster allows you to
track personal moods, behaviors, or actions. Based upon the recorded
occurrences, the program utilizes the predictable nature of human
beings to predict future occurrences. Find patterns in the mood
swings you experience. A personal six day forecast warns you of
highly probable events while other graphs allow you to see how
certain events are related to the days of the week, your menstrual
cycle, and/or the lunar cycle. It can track everything from fatigue
to sleeplessness to sexual desire.

sO wHaT dO i dO nOw

Install as normal and see the included pHeLL.txt file.



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