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ARTIST: The Raskal
TITLE: Defined Controversy
LABEL: RuffLife Recordz
GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode)
ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
QUALITY: 179 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 2h 20min 32sec total
SIZE: 181.5MB
RELEASE DATE: 2010-00-00
RIP DATE: 2010-06-30

CD #1/2
01. Intro/Defined Controversy 2:57
02. Whatever I Want To (Feat. Knoc-Turn'al & Quon) 3:23
03. A'ZillA (Feat. Hannibal Leq & Lifted) 3:27
04. West Up (Feat. MC Eiht & Hannibal Leq) 3:56
05. Go Krazy (Feat. Hopsin & Roscoe Of DPG) 3:42
06. Don't Cross Tha Line (Feat. Tha Realest) 4:10
07. 7 Dayz A Week (Feat. King T, Kokane & Prodeje Of South Central 3:42
08. Closing Statementz (Feat. Big Gemini & Hannibal Leq) 4:51
09. Life (Feat. Willy Northpole, Big Gemini & MC Magic) 4:34
10. Hard Az Me (Feat. Chino XL, Tha Realest & K Son) 4:23
11. Go Hard (Feat. Noah Jones & Juan Gambino) 3:55
12. Whatever I Want To (Remix) (Feat. Knoc-Turn'al & Quon) 3:41
13. Hold It Down (Feat. Spice 1, Jayo Felony & Big Gemini) 4:01
14. Pedal To Tha Ground (Feat. Simes Carter, Sykk 1 & J Bone) 4:25
15. Southwest Rydaz Part 2 (Feat. Sykk 1) 3:31
16. Five-2-Zero (Feat. Kleptoo, Imperial & Sykk 1) 5:09
17. Let It Bump (Feat. Mr. Shadow) 3:57
18. West Up (Remix) (Feat. Roca Dolla & Hannibal Leq) 3:33

CD #2/2
01. Ready Or Not 3:19
02. You're Tha Reason Why (Feat. Big Gemini & Chris Notez) 3:06
03. You Don't Know (Feat. Knoc-Turn'al & Lifted) 4:03
04. A Sons Story (Feat. Chris Notez) 4:13
05. What You Need To Do (Feat. Kozme & Edmo Scrilla) 4:13
06. Back On Tha Scene Part 1 (Feat. Zig Zag Of Nb Ridaz) 4:08
07. Let'z Ride (Feat. Big Gemini & Sykk 1) 2:56
08. Get It On (Feat. Sykk 1 & J Bone) 5:16
09. Forever (Feat. Brown Boy & Eloni) 4:26
10. Gone Away (Feat. Capone E, David Wade, & Zig Zag Of Nb Ridaz) 4:11
11. Ready Or Not (Remix) 3:18
12. Let'z Ride (Remix) (Feat. MC Magic & Big Gemini) 4:13
13. Don't Stop Tha Music (Feat. Sykk 1 & Chris Notez) 3:21
14. Back On Tha Scene Part 2 (Feat. Sykk 1 & Zig Zag Of Nb Ridaz) 2:57
15. Tha After Party (Feat. Kozme & Sykk 1) 4:14
16. My Everything (Feat. MC Magic) 4:06
17. Tonight (Remastered) (Feat. MC Magic) 3:39
18. Raize It Up (Remastered) (Ffeat. Sykk 1, & J Bone) 3:36

Defined Controversy is a very versatile album with
hardcore,mainstream,club,love songs,and west coast bangers all spread
out on 2 discs for your listening pleasure.. On top of the wide variety
of styles of music, this album features only top quality production,
with an all star cast of features that are jam packed on this album from
start to finish! Please look at the song listing to see this all star
cast of whos who in the industry past, present, and future.. The Raskal
"Defined Controversy" will definately go down as one of the greatest put
together albums in recent memory!

Guaranteed Classic Album For All Diffrent Genres!

Support the artists! We did.

Questions? Comments? Contact us.

Greets to all who put out quality and those who have helped
along the way.




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