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OReilly-The Creative Digital Darkroom 2008
: Release Date.: 23/01/2011
: Store Date...: 2008
: Publisher....: OReilly
: Language.....: English
: System.......: PDF
: Release Type.: Retail
: Disksize.....: 06 x 5 MB

by Katrin Eismann, Sean Duggan

There were many, many Photoshop books in 2008 -- really more than was necessary -- but most focused on CS3, or specific Photoshop areas of concentration. Dozens of authors raced to the pulpit when Adobe announced and released CS4, but most of the big boys still have 2009 dates on their CS4 books. Many of the authors merely recycle the same stuff they put in their CS2 and CS3 books with a CS4 slant.
Katrin Eismann is different however. Her book "The Creative Digital Darkroom" breaks away from the Photoshop stereotype and approaches the subject from the aspect of doing something wonderful with the software. This transcends all the tipsters and hawkers who spew Photoshop tips and tricks over and over again.

In the The Creative Digital Darkroom Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan Teach Photographers How to Sculpt with Light and Listen to Their Images ... an inspirational visual journey to actually create images of greatness using Photoshop. You'll be enlightened to the imagery, not the gimmickry.
If you use Photoshop, get this book TODAY. By the time the CS4 books hit the shelves, you probably won't need them.



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texastoker said...

looks like a sick read!