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Release: Trillian Astra Pro v4.2.0.24 (c) 2011 Cerulean Studios
Date: 01/22/2011
Cracked By: Twisted EndZ

Release Type:
[ ] Registration/Serial Crack
[ ] Activation Crack
[ ] Trial Crack
[X] Server Check Crack
[ ] Serial
[ ] Hidden/Added Features Enabler
[ ] Other

[ ] Loader Patcher [ ] Patch [X] Precracked [ ] RegFile
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Trillian Astra is here...

Since 2001, Trillian has been a powerful part of the effort to
bring interoperability to IM. We are proud to bring you our
latest and fourth major version, Trillian Astra, our best yet!

Astra comprises a new set of services designed specifically for
Trillian users. With a strong focus on privacy and security, it
allows Trillian users to locate each other, share their IM
accounts and dynamic personal information, and communicate
anywhere at any time.

Functional and powerful chat
Chat with video and audio
Tabbed chats with text, emoticons, and pictures
Get in style with themes and skins
Use animated widgets to broadcast your status

Information at your fingertips
Connect to WLM, Google, Facebook, and more
Show contacts and social news feeds
See the status of your contacts at a glance
Receive real-time notifications of changes

Efficient and sophisticated
Minimize your IM world with Trillian Cobalt
Search and archive chats with activity history
Extend your Trillian possibilities with plugins

Computer Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

New For v4.2:

Trillian 4.2 adds yet another round of over 100 fixes and
powerful new enhancements! Here are just a select few that we
think you'll enjoy:

Updated Windows Live
MSN engine now supports simultaneous sign-on!

Instant Lookup for links
Instant previews can help prevent Rickrolls!

Assets View for History
History window now organizes transfers and photos!

Quicker Retweet
Popup notifications now let you instantly reply or retweet!


Whats New In v4.2.0.24?:

Changes for Skype 5.1 support.
MSN Offline Messages bugfix.

For a Full List of 400+ Features Visit:

TE Release Filename:


Step #1:

Run trillian-v4.2.0.24.exe and read below before doing install.

It is prefered that you do not click Launch on the final
installation Window, instead click the X at the top right. If
you clicked launch (don't worry nothing wrong can happen), close
Trillian Astra down first. Next copy precracked exe from the
Crack folder to the installed folder of Trillian Astra Pro,
making sure to overwrite the existing file. If you have already
setup your account with a previous version then your done, if not
follow on to Step #2 below.

Step #2:

Launch Trillian Astra Pro and Register a new Astra Account. Fill
out required information (real email is needed for confirmation)
and make sure to UNCHECK I have previously purchased Trillian
Pro. Check your email and get confirmation code. Apply code and
now continue to setup your IM accounts. You now how a fully
registered version of Trillian Astra Pro! Also remember the
Astra Account IS REQUIRED for your settings to be saved!

Thats it! Enjoy.

T E 2 0 1 1



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