Friday, August 19, 2011


This looks like one hell of a converter + other tools. I've seen this program before but never look into it until now.



Release: DVD Catalyst 4 v4.1 (c) 2011 Tools4Movies

Date: 08/14/2011

Cracked By: Twisted EndZ

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DVD Catalyst 4

The one DVD ripper and Video converter to rule them all.

Easy to use for newbies, more features than any guru will ever
think of, the best quality at even smaller file sizes. Experience
true power with only 1 click.

Why use DVD Catalyst 4?

iPhones, Zunes, Smartphones lack a DVD drive, so to be able to
put a movie on these devices, a DVD needs to be changed into
something that will work with them. You can buy/rent movie files
from Apple's iTunes store, but these only work with iPod and
iPhone devices. If you own a Zune, a PSP or anything else, you
can not use iTunes to get your movies. While some companies do
offer video downloads one way or another, they usually require
you to pay for movies you probably already own on DVD anyway.

This is where DVD Catalyst 4 comes in. DVD Catalyst 4 transforms
your DVD movies and TV shows into video files that you can use
with your device. By installing DVD Catalyst 4 on your computer,
you can convert your own DVD collection (as well as video files
you might already have) into something that will play on your
Blackberry, PocketPC etc.  No need to pay for the movies again,
or worry about watching them within a day before they expire.

DVD Catalyst 4 converts your DVDs (original, iso and folders) as
well as all common video files, including MKV, MPG, VOB, MP4,
AVI, DIVX, XVID and more, without the need to install additional


Unique 1-click conversion system. Just select your device,
insert your DVD and click Go. No need to answer 100 questions
before the conversion process starts.
The best support you will ever receive. We provide honest and
detailed answers to your questions, and go the extra mile to
make sure you get the results you want and expect. We ALWAYS
answer within 24 hours, but more often than not, you will have
an answer within the hour.
Converts DVDs as well as most video files directly after
install, including AVI, DIVX, MPEG, MKV, TiVo, XVID and more,
without the need to install additional software or codecs.
Fully functional Trial version converts 25% of each item to
give you a good idea of its capabilities. For a 2 hour movie,
you get a 30 minute test clip.
Includes nearly 600 different profiles covering just about any
video-capable device on the market, all sorted by brand and
device category for easy selection. If you purchase a new
device, you can still use DVD Catalyst 4 to create videos for

Plenty of configuration options to enable you to create files
for unlisted devices or to tweak everything to your liking.
Newbie-friendly. DVD Catalyst 4 runs in a safe mode after
install for new users, and for more experienced users, just
enable the Power User mode to gain access to everything it
has to offer.
Scene-selection support for MP4 files, compatible with Apple
TV, iPod, iPhone, XBOX 360, VLC and more. (uses original scene
information from DVDs and MKVs if available)
Transparent Batch, convert multiple movie/TV DVDs (original as
well as ISOs) and/or multiple video files with just a single
Multi-CPU/Multi-Core support. Uses your computer to its full
capacity for faster conversions.
DVD Catalyst 4 is faster and creates smaller files with better
quality than similar products.

and much more.

Whats New in v4.1?:

After more than 7 months in development, and numerous public beta
releases, too many changes to list here.

Visit for more info.

For More Information On DVD Catalyst 4 Visit:

TE Release Filename:


Install dc4.1_Retail_Full.exe.  As stated in release notes, the
Boosterpack is now included in the inital setup (enable Power
User).  Manual and also the RETAIL MP4 Streaming Server is also
included with this release.  No crack needed, this is the RETAIL

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