Tuesday, August 2, 2011


label........: n/a
date ripped..: 08.01.2011
date released: 00.00.0000
url..........: n/a

release size.: 106,4 MB
encoder......: that new shit yo
bitrate......: avg. 222kbps
mode.........: Joint-Stereo

tracks.......: 19
source.......: CDDA

ripper.......: CMS

n o t e s

all track produced by grant sparks

d a t a

# t r a c k n a m e t i m e

01- Intro (the Hill Top) [01:00]
02- State of Consciousness [03:27]
03- Cornerstone [04:13]
04- So Refined Feat Phil G Isis Rose and [04:32]
Lennon of Projet Mayhem
05- Know Your Role Feat Sadat X and Grand [03:29]
Daddy I.U
06- Fragments [04:22]
07- The Rap Game Feat Masta Ace Bobby Rocwell [03:59]
and Kenny Bogus
08- Wild Cowboys [03:51]
09- Undefeated Feat General Steele. VVS [02:57]
Verbal and Jewels
10- Street Hustle [03:59]
11- A Message from the Teacher Feat KRS ONE [01:19]
12- Lux Life [03:22]
13- The Berri Lounge Feat AG [02:29]
14- They Want More Feat K Sparks [03:05]
15- Put Em Up High [04:17]
16- Piano Heat [04:28]
17- Heavenly [03:50]
18- Outro (No Matter What They Do) [01:01]
19- Bonus (A Toast to You) [05:01]

106,4 m e g s t o t a l [64:41]



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