Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was searching for cd burning software for a client, he didn't have the hd space or necessity that the monster Nero has and takes up so I chose this. Try it out see what you think. Got another CD Burning program I'm posting soon so take your pick.



  • Burn files and folders to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and add files and folders to existing discs
  • Multi-disc file backup and restore on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray with compression and password protection
  • Create VideoCDs and Super VideoCDs
  • Rip music from audio CDs to MP3, WMA and WAV files
  • Create audio CDs from WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files
  • Create MP3 or WMA CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs or just copy music to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs
  • Create and burn disc images for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray
  • Quickly erase any rewritable media
  • Store disc images larger than 2GB on FAT32 file systems
  • Interactive troubleshooting assistant for solving hardware and media problems
  • Save project files so that you can burn the same discs again later

Burning Studio 10 v10.0.15

Release Date : 2011-08-17
Nfo Date : 2011-08-17

Num. Disks : xx/21                       OS : WINALL
Nfo Time : 13:37                 Rel Type : Keygen
Cracker : Team Lz0               Archive : lz0*.zip
Packer : Team Lz0                Rating : Your choice
Supplier : Team Lz0              Language : English
Protection : Activation

Requirements : N/A
Publisher URL :
Publisher : Ashampoo

(-)  Keyfile / License          (-)  Emulator
(-)  Patch                      (-)  Serial
(-)  Cracked .EXE / .DLL        (-)  Retail
(x)  Keygen                     (-)  Trainer
(-)  Loader                     (-)  Other


Full HD Video, New Modules, Data Disc Menus. Ashampoo
Burning Studio users are unusually loyal, with good reason
? this program?s speed, simplicity and efficiency are
simply unbeatable. Over the years the Ashampoo programmers
have turned the program into a full suite that can handle
all your data, audio and video burning and authoring tasks,
without sacrificing its famous ease of use. In version 10
they have once again added a wealth of new features and
modules, but the program is still amazingly intuitive to
use ? everything is explained as you do it. The main focus
of this premium version is even better authoring
capabilities for building video and audio discs using the
latest formats. HD and Full HD video (720p and 1080p) are
now fully supported for Blu-ray discs, and all the encoding
is handled by Ashampoo Burning Studio 10. All the authoring
tools have been overhauled and the video encoding quality
is even better than before.

You now use the same new integrated editor for building DVD
and Blu-ray video disks with menus. The program also starts
more quickly and is generally snappier to use. In addition
to this there is a new Autoplay Editor module with which
you can build auto-starting data discs with attractive
interactive menus ? for example for collections of
programs. And there is now also a new Audio Player with
which you can play audio files and audio CDs without
leaving the program.


1) Unpack and install.
2) Use the key generator before running the app to register.
3) Enjoy this release!




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