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Originally released : 06-14-2011
Release date : 08-04-2011
Album name : Hell: The Sequel
Artist : Bad Meets Evil
Ripped by : Team EOS
Genre : Rap
Label : Interscope
Encoding Software : Lame EOS
Quality : -V 0
Tracks : 11
Size of Files : 80,10 MB

Track list

01 02:58 Welcome 2 Hell
02 04:10 Fast Lane
03 04:50 The Reunion
04 03:30 Above The Law
05 04:31 I'm On Everything (Feat Mike Epps)
06 04:35 A Kiss
07 05:04 Lighters (Feat Bruno Mars)
08 03:26 Take From Me
09 04:20 Loud Noises (Feat Slaughterhouse)
10 03:55 Living Proof
11 04:55 Echo

Total time: 46:14 min
Release notes

Since the hip-hop community caught wind of them around
1999, Bad Meets Evil spent a decade in the more-a-
legend-than-a-band category. Members Eminem and Royce
da 5'9" spent those years not speaking thanks to beefs
and feuds, but then the 2006 murder of their mutual
friend, D12 member Proof, brought them back together.
Fast-forward to 2011 and this EP re-launches the
project, although fans have already been notified that
Hell: The Sequel is "a collection of tracks" so excuse
the mess. It's not much of a mess, really, as the
glossy "Lighters" feels more like a Bruno Mars track
than Detroit diesel, while "stop stealing my music"
tracks like "Take from Me" rarely become fan favorites.
Everything else works just fine, with Royce displaying
growth and superior skills that casual fans have slept
on, while Em puts one foot in the past where gross
humor ("Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post
office/She's still a male lady") and scrappy rhymes
reigned supreme. His other foot is in the
Relapse/Recovery-era present with all the soul
searching you'd expect, but as interesting as this
career-spanning blend is, it is even more interesting
when contrasted with Royce's more traditional brand of
thugging. Throughout his career, Mr. Mathers has given
props to his Detroit hip-hop clan and spoken of his
interactions, but his discography has been somewhat
light on examples. Past the Mars cut, Hell: The Sequel
helps right that wrong, providing the welcome sound of
Shady meets the streets.

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