Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hollywood FLOSS – One Fan At A Time

Since the 2008 release of The Art Or Fiscal Intelligence, Hollywood FLOSS has focused on creating a name for himself, releasing music and performing around the country relentlessly. Pushing forward with his grass-roots movement, One Fan At A Time serves as a testament to his dedication. "One fan at a time is a lifestyle, a work ethic,” FLOSS explains on the meaning behind the title. “Letting supporters and new fans to come know, I will work hard to earn your attention, one fan at a time, no matter how long it takes.”

In keeping the creation process organic FLOSS purposely limited the guest list to a select few whose work he truly admires. “Every feature I reached out to was a vision, part of me being a fan of their work.” FLOSS explains. “I did not just try and get whoever was hot or could help my status.” Building the foundation he called on in house producer Chris Rockaway, but the project also features production from the likes of BrandUN DeSHAY, T.I.M.E., and Sweet Valley High. Gracing the project behind the mic is artists such as Jackie Chain, Laws, YP, Nawledge (of Kidz In The Hall), Solution, and Brian Angel (of Day 26).

The project as a whole spans the an array of emotions provoked from FLOSS' travels and struggles thus far in the industry, and perhaps no where are those emotions more poignant than on “Exhale.” FLOSS who says that he was “tearing up” in the creation of the song, lays his dreams, fears, and troubles on the line with a level of insight not often heard from an artist so young – and in a way that shows off the growing FLOSS has done in past years. “True fans will see the growth," explains FLOSS, "and hopefully new fans are pleased and become apart of my movement.” One Fan At A Time.


Hollywood FLOSS – One Fan At A Time

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