Wednesday, September 7, 2011



ARTiST ....: Jknuckles
TiTLE .....: The Ruthless Album
LABEL .....: Superior Power Records
GENRE .....: Rap
SOURCE ....: CD (LP)
SiZE ......: 93.01
ENCODER ...: LAME 3.98.4 -V0
QUALiTY ...: 206 kbps avg / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
RiP DATE ..: 2011-09-06

Track Title Time

01 Intro 1:27
02 Cruzin feat Obie-Loc 3:53
03 West Coast 10 feat Lil Chulo 3:49
04 Roll With Geez feat Esa Vamps, G-Capone, Obie-Loc 4:09
05 Mutha F***en Real feat Esa Tiny 4:39
06 Loose Control feat Madogg, Obie-Loc 4:39
07 Clips On My Side feat Pranx Loko 4:05
08 Paper Staking feat Madogg, Obie-Loc 4:12
09 So West Coast feat Solo, Siete 4:03
10 Toss It Up feat Dominator 3:41
11 Kool Ta F***** feat Obie-Loc, Solo 4:09
12 Luv You feat Obie-Loc 3:37
13 I Took You In feat Obie-Loc 5:56
14 Hey Laydeh feat Esa Vamps, Lil Chulo 3:34
15 Anybody Wanna Test Me 3:11
16 Another D*** Cop feat Obie-Loc 3:33

Total Time 62:37



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