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This is one of the premier form filling and password manager programs. I downloaded it because I'm thinking about installing it on annoying clients' computers that can't remember any of their shit and then call me for help. I just hope it doesn't slow down browsing too much, if it doesnt then this thing is definitely a go.



Release: AI Roboform Enterprise v7.6.1.0 (c) 2011 Siber Systems

Date: 10/28/2011

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A client-based alternative to Single Sign-On (SSO), RoboForm
Enterprise delivers fast, simplified password management, solving
the growing password inflation problem for your organization at a
fraction of the cost of traditional SSO.

Increased Employee Productivity & Satisfaction with a Single,
Secure Login to All Applications
Automatically logs employees into their myriad applications.

Immediate Results with Fast, Easy Roll-out, No Integration or
Infrastructure Changes Required
Requires no changes to user profiles or application
infrastructure and can be deployed in minutes!
Instant IT Savings, Reducing the Burden on IT Staff
Reduces password resets so your IT and help desk staff can
focus on more critical tasks.
Cost-Effective with Rapid ROI
Saves your organization money with a low price point and
instant IT help desk savings.

Latest Release - RoboForm Enterprise Version 7 adds three
exciting features, making RoboForm Enterprise even more powerful,
simpler to use, and easier to implement.

Enhanced non-web logins to support most Win32 based
applications making RoboForm enterprise the ideal solution for
both web and non-web-based applications.
Integration with Windows Logon. RoboForm Enterprise now
integrates with your existing Windows logon, effectively
enabling employee password management without any additional
passwords to remember.
New biometric option can replace the master password with
fingerprint authentication.


Out-of-the-box password management features that your employees
will actually use and appreciate

RoboForm Enterprise comes with these out-of-the box features and
requires no extensive setup or implementation. Your organization
can start using and benefiting from these features right away!

Intuitive User Interface that Automatically Learns and
Remembers Passwords

There is only one password to remember. All of your employees?
passwords are protected using a Master Password. So they
remember one Master Password, and RoboForm Enterprise remembers
the rest.
When a user enters a new password, RoboForm Enterprise simply
prompts to save and store this new password for the employee
and subsequently logs them in automatically.
Originally built for consumers and used by millions of users
worldwide, the software is extremely user friendly and designed
to simplify password management to meet the needs of the most
novice user. Users can be up and running quickly with little to
no training required.

Powerful Password Protection

Stores employee passwords in encrypted Passcards using
industry-standard AES encryption with a single, Master Password
as a key.
Master Password protected on the client and known only to
employee, keeping it confidential and secured from outsiders.
Offers a dual master password capability that allows managers
or IT staff to share credentials for accessing applications
with other employees, without sharing the actual
Offers a secure password generator to help you increase
password security, allowing you to create and enforce more
complex passwords enterprise-wide. Automatically generates
secure, randomized passwords without burdening employees.

Flexible, Enterprise-Wide Implementation and Administration

Automates installation for fast, non-disruptive, mass rollout
across the enterprise.
Allows for offline RoboForm Enterprise activation.
Is compatible with most automated software install programs,
making it as easy to install on 1,000 computers as it is on
Using centralized policy editor, allows you to easily customize
user access to every option and feature available in RoboForm
Enterprise, by showing/hiding functionality.

Easy and Seamless Integration

Requires no up-front integration effort or no team of
consultants to plan, integrate, or make changes to your
existing application infrastructure, saving significant time
and development costs (that would be required of traditional
SSO solutions).
Eliminates the need for your implementation staff to collect
and store user credentials, determine login resources or
enforce password standards enterprise-wide since RoboForm
Enterprise does this automatically.
Continues to work as systems evolve automatically, with no
additional integration work or infrastructure changes required.
Relies on existing mechanisms, i.e., securely stores and
remembers usernames and passwords, thus, eliminating the need
to change user profiles or applications.
Supports virtually all the business applications your employees
need to access including legacy systems.
Supports integration into multiple environments. Any user,
employee, partner, or other stakeholder can benefit whether
they use 3rd party applications and systems.
Once configured, allows for secure remote access, on and
off-network for mobile employees.

Conforms to Strict Company Password Standards, Policies and Other
Authentication Methods

RoboForm Enterprise helps you to ensure stronger password
management practices and policies without increasing IT costs.

Supports your company?s particular standards for strong
passwords, biometric authentication, fingerprint
authentication, application access and deny lists, etc.
By using the convenient, centralized Policy Editor, lets you
quickly customize and enforce enterprise policies for password
requirements including password length and complexity, password
re-sets/expiration, white-listed or black-listed Web sites,
etc. The Policy Editor is so easy to use, you can customize
every feature in RoboForm Enterprise in less than 30 minutes!

Highly Robust and Scalable Solution

Scales up to support many thousands of users. Because it was
originally designed as a consumer-based product back in 1999,
RoboForm Enterprise has been effectively field-tested by
millions of users with tens of millions of usernames and

Secure, Distributed Architecture with No Single Point of Attack

Is installed on individual clients, which makes the application
highly available. As long as the client is working and
applications to which the user needs to login are available,
the software is operational.
Encrypts and stores each employees Passcards on individual
clients, ensuring that no ?keys to the kingdom? are available
for phishers, keyloggers or hackers to compromise an
enterprise?s password storehouse.

Advanced Identity Theft and Fraud Protection

Fights ?Phishing? by linking sensitive login information only
to the correct URL. RoboForm Enterprise will only recognize
valid URLs that are associated with login information. A fake
site would not be recognized and therefore login information
would not be provided automatically.
Defeats Keyloggers. RoboForm Enterprise does not require using
a keyboard to type passwords. RoboForm Enterprise offers the
option of a Virtual Keyboard to "type" the Master Password; and
keyloggers cannot detect it. The Virtual Keyboard is an image
of a keyboard on the screen in which users click the images of
the keyboard buttons. Since there are no keystrokes, there's
nothing for the keylogger to detect or transmit.


A portable version, RoboForm2Go, is available to run from a USB
Flash Drive. This version allows your employees to securely
take their passwords, contacts and bookmarks with them.
Ensures that employees access Web site applications securely,
even from unsecured public computers.


Delivering Fast, Simplified, and Cost-Effective Password

RoboForm Enterprise is a full-featured, out-of-the-box password
management solution that provides a secure, easy and
cost-effective way to manage all of your employees? numerous
passwords. It reduces their numerous logins to one master
password, making your employees more productive while saving
significant time and IT costs for your organization.

Increased Employee Productivity & Satisfaction with a Single,
Secure Login to All Applications

Reduces the time-consuming login process and automatically logs
users into the business applications they use every day. Your
employees remember one password, RoboForm Enterprise remembers
the rest.
Eliminates employee distraction and frustration caused by
forgotten passwords, allowing employees to focus on their jobs.
Eliminates the risks of unsafe employee habits like writing
down passwords, storing them in unprotected files, using the
same password, or openly sharing passwords with others.
Makes password management easy and meets the needs of the most
novice user. Users can be up and running quickly with little
to no training required.

Instant IT Savings, Reducing the Burden on Helpdesk Staff

The self-service nature of RoboForm Enterprise, translates
directly into instant relief for your IT or helpdesk staff
since they are no longer disrupted by employees? numerous
password re-set requests.
Enables you to enforce strong password policies that your
employees will actually follow. Your company can take advantage
of stronger password management practices, while staying
focused on more critical enterprise IT projects.

Cost-Effective with Rapid ROI

Is licensed per user at a reasonable price point at a fraction
of the cost of traditional SSO solutions, with volume discounts
Helps you realize significant savings and immediate ROI with
more productive employees and with significant IT cost
reduction by eliminating help desk calls to reset passwords. In
many cases, this factor alone helps you quickly recover the
low-cost, up-front investment in purchasing the software.

Most companies experience a positive ROI in less than three
months just from help desk savings!

Immediate Results with Fast and Easy Roll Out, No Integration or
Infrastructure Changes

Offers a simplified implementation process so that the software
can be up and running in minutes.
Administrators have the flexibility to mass rollout as well as
quickly customize and control password settings as needed.
Does not require you to hire a team of consultants to plan and
implement, nor integrate or make changes to your application

How It Works:

The trouble with strict password policies is that employees won't
follow them. RoboForm Enterprise is easy to deploy and makes it
easy for your employees to keep data secure.

For The Company

You Download
Download our trial immediately. No intrusive sales process

You Customize
Using our Policy Editor, we help you customize Roboform to your
exact specifications

You Deploy
You Deploy RoboForm Enterprise to all your employess at once

Fifteen Minutes to Customize RoboForm Enterprise

If you already have a strict password policy, it's easy to
implement it in RoboForm Enterprise. If not, the software comes
pre-loaded with strong password management settings.

For example, you can quickly and easily adjust the length and
characteristics of the Master Password, or specify how often to
change the Master Password. Using the RoboForm Enterprise Policy
Editor, you can also customize many other settings.

Adjusting RoboForm's settings takes less than 15 minutes. In
fact, you could adjust practically every feature of RoboForm
Enterprise in less than a half an hour. This is an easy and
pain-free process that does not require a huge integration effort
like most other Enterprise products.

For The Employee

Easy To Use
User Logs into Websites as normal

RoboForm automatically remembers and securely stores usernames
and passwords

Simply click on the RoboForm Logins buton and RoboForm logs
users into websites automatically

Enforce Strong Password Policies Your Employees Will Follow

With RoboForm Enterprise you can finally implement strong
password management policies for your employees without
increasing your IT costs and without burdening your employees.

If your employees can memorize one strong password, RoboForm
Enterprise does the rest. No more frantic Help Desk calls. No
more passwords on yellow sticky notes. No more time wasted on
"password reminders."

Best of all, your employees become much more productive, logging
into protected sites with one click.

Whats New?

Version 7.6.1
* Chrome: fix dropdown menus of web page may appear behind the
browser window.
* Chrome: fix sometimes first login on a passcard in a window
* Chrome, Opera: fix RF autoupdate not working.
* Firefox: fix crash in JS shutdown function.
* Firefox: fix crashes when RF2Go detaches from Firefox.
* Firefox + Rf2Go: fix handling of Basic Authentication.
* Firefox: fix mini-dialogs are positioned incorrectly when
browser window is not active.
* Firefox: implement Search History dropdown, selection search.
* Firefox: fix protected passcards are not shown in AutoFill
dialog until MP is entered.
* Firefox, Chrome: several form filling fixes.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix FillForms does not work for Identity with
World Region not set.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix Passcards not saving radio button values.
* Internet Explorer: issue warning about presence of McAfee Site
Advisor that crashes IE.
* Sync: fix no initial sync when Master Password is stored in

* Editor: fix texts in Editor are not updated after RF Language
has been changed.
* Fix bugs in Password Generator related to positioning.

Version 7.5.7
* Firefox: fix crash introduced in RF ver 7.5.6.
* Firefox: fix Matching Passcards button sometimes is not
* Firefox: fix right click on an empty space of RF toolbar shows
* Fix Matching Passcard button site icon is reverted back to
generic icon.
* Fix 'fill empty fields' flag for identity was not handled, for
'select' elements.
* Enterprise License: fix activation from MSI package.
* Enterprise: fix storing Master Password in SPS from command
* Discontinue support of Windows 2000.

Version 7.5.6
* McAfee Site Advisor crashes RoboForm, because they corrupt ref
count. Try to get around it.
* Enterprise: Fix Master Password recovery.
* Chrome: implement Basic Authentication dialog save and fill.
* Opera: fix Fill&Submit does not work in Opera.
* Firefox: fix customized toolbar position may be lost sometimes.
* Firefox, Chrome: implement selective form filling (fills
selected document range).
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: multiple miscellaneous form filler
* Firefox, Chrome: fix phone prefixes were not added to phones
* Firefox, Chrome: fix password field was cleared before clicking
submit button.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix auto-fill without asking sometimes works
even when turned off.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix not working on
* Firefox, Chrome: fix not firing key press events.
* Firefox, Chrome: fix SaveForms always thinks that there are
changed fields.
* Firefox, Chrome: pass identity options to JS form filler.
* Firefox: fix warnings in Error console about incorrect value on
* Firefox: fix AutoSave on multi-frame web pages.
* Firefox: fix Set/Reset/Clear fields command does not handle
forms in iframes.
* Firefox: opening link in Firefox from external program produces
error message 'file not found'.
* Firefox: do not require Firefox program name to be firefox.exe.
* Firefox: bump up supported versions to 10.
* Fix RoboForm Virtual Keyboard: Clicking edge of any key does
not type in a char clicked.
* Firefox: fix RF installer/setup sometime may not force refresh
of RF addon.
* AutoSave: fix crashes on certain sequences.

For a full listing of AI Roboform Enterprise's capabilities visit:

TE Release Filename:


Install AiRoboForm-Enterprise.exe.  After installation make
sure all Internet Explorer and/or other browsers and explorer
windows are closed or else the file will not copy over properly
(as well as the Roboform Taskbar Icon).  Reboot into safe mode if
you still have problems.  Copy roboform.dll into AI Roboform's
installed folder, making sure to overwrite the existing file.  AI
Roboform is now in the full PRO version with Enterprise features.

Included is the Enterprise policies tool with this release so you
don't need to request it from the homepage.  Its located in the
PolicyEditor folder.

Feel free to use the online sync feature, it does work fine when
you run the setup.  Also make sure to set it up later or a
taskbar notification will let you know once.  This is also known
as RoboForm Everywhere which is fully functional in this release.
Its suggested to use a different RoboForm Everywhere password
than your master password.  This way nobody will be able to
decrypt your online database except you.

Note that you can now choose either Everywhere or Desktop type of
installation while first installing AI Roboform.  You can also
tell which type of configuration its currently set at by opening
the About window.  Everywhere will show Sync With [USERNAME],
while Desktop will not show Sync.  This can be changed at any
time by going into Options then User Data and clicking on
Settings button.

Thats it!  Enjoy.

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