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Artist : Geto Boys
Title : Till Death Do Us Part

Genre : Rap
Label : Rap-A-Lot Records
Catnr : P2 57191
Type : Album
Ripped : 2011
Released : 1993
Source : CDDA
Quality : VBRkbps
Size : 91,6 MB

eh about this release


Though the controversial subject matter of
gangsta rap wasn't much of a barrier to
popular success during the '90s, the Geto
Boys' recordings proved almost too extreme for
widespread exposure. Blocked from distributing
their 1990 major-label debut by Geffen - who
insisted that a track dealing with necrophilia
as well as murder was a step too far - the
group was saved by producer Rick Rubin, who
arranged another distributor for the album,
released on his own Def American label. The
controversy, which occurred two years earlier
than similar censorship incidents involving
Ice-T and 2 Live Crew, gave the Geto Boys a
large amount of publicity. Their follow-up,
"We Can't Be Stopped", eventually hit
platinum, though the trio of Scarface, Willie
D., and Bushwick Bill began to fracture by

Rap-A-Lot Records was founded by James "Lil'
J" Smith in 1986 and soon became a prominent
independent hip-hop label in the region. In
1991 the label teamed up with Priority Records
to manufacture & distribute releases. This
deal lasted until 1994, when Rap-A-Lot
switched over to Noo Trybe Records (which was
under Virgin Records America, Inc.) for
distribution. Many of the label's classic
albums released under Priority were re-issued
through Noo Trybe in 1995. Around 1997/98
Virgin Records became the main parent label
for Rap-A-Lot until around 2003/04. Currently
Asylum Records is the parent label of
Rap-A-Lot Records.

Critically regarded as far from their finer
efforts, "Till Death Do Us Part" still counts
as a fans' favorite installment in the Geto
Boys discography. Introducing Big Mike
(replacing Willie D), Scarface and Bushwick
take it as far as it ever went with their
stellar geto storytelling on this album.
Featuring Rap-A-Lot inhouse production team of
N.O. Joe, John Bido and Tony Randle with the
addition of live instruments from Mike Dean
(Guitars, Bass & Keyboards), Roger Tausz
(Bass), Preston Middleton (Bass & Percussion),
and cuts by DJ Domination - it all add up to
make "Till Death Do Us Part" a classic moment
in Houston music history.

Original 1993 US pressing.


ooh ye..

::t r a c k l i s t :::

01. Intro (Feat. Lil' J) [03:34]
02. G.E.T.O. [03:13]
03. It Ain't Shit [04:39]
04. Crooked Officer [04:00]
05. No Nuts No Glory [03:45]
06. Six Feet Deep [05:25]
07. Murder Avenue [04:05]
08. Raise Up [03:29]
09. Murder After Midnight [04:17]
10. Straight Gangstaism (Feat. Lord 3-2) [04:27]
11. Cereal Killer [03:04]
12. This Dick's For You (Feat. Lil' J) [05:33]
13. Street Life [05:21]
14. Bring It On (Feat. 2Low, Seagram, Too Much Trouble, 5th Ward Boy [08:16]
15. Outro (Feat. Lil' J) [01:50]




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Kay-Em-Dee said...

Wonderful album, one of the best ever released.

Good post!!!