Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hoodz.DVD.New.York.Bloods.Dvdrip.XvidHoodz.DVD.New.York.Bloods.Dvdrip.Xvidadded to the Street DVD Collection

HOODZ DVD is renowned amongst customers for taking people around the hoodest Hoodz and the thoroughest boroughs with their no-holds-barred DVD magazine slash documentary style joint. Bringing you from city to city, hood to hood, ghetto to ghetto, project to project, HOODZ DVD is back with another controversial expose on one of hip-hop's silently brewing issues: New York Bloods.

The issue is most apparent in hip-hop, with all kinds of artists claiming BLOOD affiliations in their songs. Originally born in the streets of Los Angeles, the BLOOD gang has roots that go back four decades. But now the Blood gang has spread out, with members claiming affiliations as far away as Europe. But in New York, a movement has been brewing.

Now one of New York's most dangerous gangs, the New York Bloods are centrally located in the boogie down Bronx. HOODZ DVD takes you to the epicenter of one of New York's most violent gangs, straight out of one of the baddest neighborhoods in America's biggest Big City. This special edition of HOODZ displays this vicious East Coast gang bangin' culture, which many say mimic the West Coast's style of bangin'. Witness the gang bangin' action raw and uncut with this exclusive footage of NY's Blood set.

ALSO FEATURING APPEARANCES FROM: Swizz Beats, Remy Martin, Big Chuck and other entertainers representing for HOODZ

This DVD also features the 'Rep Yo Set' gangbangers from Los Angeles




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