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Artist : Jean Grae
Title : The Bootleg Of The Bootleg

Genre : Hip-Hop
Label : Babygrande Records
Catnr : BBG-CD-13
Type : EP
Ripped : 2011
Released : 2003
Source : CDDA
Quality : VBRkbps
Size : 97,1 MB

eh about this release


Although she was born in South Africa, Jean
Grae (real name Tsidi Ibrahim) will always be
a New Yorker by heart. The daughter of two
jazz musicians, Jean learned an appreciation
for all genres of music at an early age. She
attended the High School of Performing Arts as
a vocal major and was later accepted to New
York University as a Music Business major.
Disenchanted by the classroom settings, Jean
decided early on that she was more of a hands-
on learner. During high school she learned to
read and arrange music as well as learn
classical and choral arrangements, giving her
a good foundation on becoming a hip-hop writer
and producer.

Jean Grae begins "The Bootleg Of The Bootleg
EP" with the aptly titled "Hater's Anthem",
proving that all the acclaim accorded to
"Attack Of The Attacking Things" did nothing
to soften her. If anything, she's more hungry
than before. In "My Crew", she delivers some
her most devastating lines yet: "Rap's dead,
rap sucks/Thanks to y'all for killin' it,
grillin' it down, and spillin' its guts and
fillin' it back up with trash." Whether you
agree with her views or not, the talent is
more than enough to keep you paying attention.
Although the EP hosts an almost completely
different crew of producers (including
Babygrande A&R figure Ruddy Rock, Bravo, Block
McCloud, and Will Tell), the gritty textures
and soul samples are still in effect, suiting
Grae's tough, agile, nothing-fancy flow.
Ironically, the only weak spot is "Swing
Blades", where she's joined by Cannibal Ox.
Just as notable as the five tracks that make
up the EP proper, a not-so-hidden hidden track
features 45 minutes of freestyles and stray
material (making the disc lengthier than
'Attack Of The Attacking Things'), including a
bit where Grae raps over an instrumental of
Jay-Z's "Excuse Me Miss". It works much better
than it should.

Note, the hidden bootleg tracks are:

"Breath Easy" ('Lyrical Exercise' by Jay-Z)
"A Little Story" ('Day One' by D.I.T.C.)
"You Don't Want It" ('Role Model' by Eminem)
"Excuse Me Sir" ('Excuse Me Miss' by Jay-Z)
"High" ('Purple' by Nas)
"Keep Livin" ('On My Block' by Scarface)
"You Don't Know" ('U Dont Know' by Jay-Z)
"Bum Deal" (w/ Natural Resource)
"Negro Baseball League" (w/ Natural Resource)
"Dichotomy" (w/ Pumkinhead)
"Spittin' Bars" (w/ Brooklyn Academy)


ooh ye..

::t r a c k l i s t :::

01. Hater's Anthem (Prod. Ruddy Rock & Belief) [05:14]
02. Take Me (Prod. Will Tell) [03:36]
03. Swing Blades (Feat. Cannibal Ox) (Prod. Bravo) [02:29]
04. My Crew [03:51]
05. Code Red (Feat. Block McCloud & Pumkinhead) (Prod. Block McCloud [05:24]
06. Chapter One: Destiny (Prod. Moezarht) plus Hidden Bootleg Tracks [45:09]




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