Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rob Jay - Millionaire Before 30

Rob Jay is excited to release his soulful sophomore EP, Millionaire Before 30. Produced and mixed entirely by Ammbush from the Drums & Ammo collective, the eight-track digital project is being offered to fans for free download.

"This project was really my first full-length collaborative effort where it's just me and a producer," says Rob Jay, explaining his work with Ammbush. "His studio puts you in this ultra hip-hop state of mind. It makes you feel like rap is the only thing that exists." Aside from Ammbush's involvement in the album, Rob Jay's only other guest feature is from John Dew, a fellow Houstonite who was featured on the EP's latest single, "Wise Man," and also handled art direction for the album. "I'm not one to ask someone to be on my album just because they may be hot right now," notes Rob. "John Dew is a friend and I really like his music; the collaboration came naturally."

Rob Jay takes on a variety of different themes with each track on the EP, ranging from his dedication to the rap game on "Hip-Hop Lifer" to his bedroom prowess on "Love Sex, Drug Sex." Before "Wise Man," Rob dropped his first single titled "My Past Life," a conceptual piece that discusses the trial and tribulations of his hypothetical past life in Harlem during the late 1960s. "Millionaire Before 30 serves as a progression from my last project in the sense that it's more cohesive and it's not a group of songs that was thrown together," says Rob. "It's the best-engineered project I've ever done."


Rob Jay - Millionaire Before 30

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