Sunday, October 23, 2011 presents The KhemLab

Here's something I've been waiting to get completed, so we could keep this thing going. Two years ago, producer Kid Hum allowed me to throw some talented MCs over his Fossil Fuel album. The fruits of that labor became Offshore Drilliing, which not only netted scores of legal torrent downloads through FrostClick, but also received critical acclaim, and CMJ charting. In short, the results completely exceeded what I figured would happen (i.e., a dope compilation being posted on a number of our favorite blogs). Maybe it was the high off of a successful project, but the crew of MCs who were featured on that project were eager to keep things moving. After some back and forth emails, a name was given to their stable: The KhemLab. Originally, the 'Lab featured MCs like Whygee, junclassic, Cyrano, Sky 7th, Chanes, Joulz Il (who now goes by JI-45) and Pugs Atomz. Additionally, guys like Main Course and Articulate were brought into the fold, and the number of producers blossomed from just Kid Hum to The Jake, J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars, Four Finger Ring, Centric, Sharp, Anno Domini, 2 Deep and Soundwave (as well as some dope instrumentals that we found from Diamond District and DJ Concept & Mickey Knox's BYOB EP). While the project was slow to get a move on, the last two years netted us a strong collection of tracks, featuring all of the above MCs somewhere, as well as features from OD alumnus Hellz Yea! and Lou Sleefe, Philly's own Nico The Beast and Ceez. The tracks on this range from odes to "New Shoes" to tales of woe that go into daydreams of murder. Contemplative tracks about "Struggle" to jawns to just kick your feet up and zone out to. And of course, the assortment of spitters have made sure to craft some tracks where they just dumb out, like "The Beast". I could go on, but really, you just need to peep it. - khal,

DOWNLOAD: presents The KhemLab

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