Monday, October 31, 2011


Here's this years Devilz Nite.  I wait all year for this free series.  Some nice songs this year.  I retagged and renamed the songs so they're more proper.  Check it out.



VA - Devilz Nite 2K11

Artist...............: Various Artists
Album................: Devilz Nite 2K11
Genre................: Rap
Year.................: 2011
Quality..............: Insane, (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 hz
Total Tracks.........: 18
Playing Time.........: 01:00:51
Total Size...........: 156.61 MB


01. J Reno - Blood Spilla Ft. Grewsum (00:02:44)
02. Madd Maxxx - Topsy Turvy (00:04:09)
03. Mortal Conquest - In The Air (00:03:14)
04. MC Val - Slivko (00:03:04)
05. Mastamind - Step Right Up (00:02:58)
06. Skyleer Torquemada - Screams Kept To Remember Ft.
    Kardiac (00:03:21)
07. iNFiNiTTi - Halloween Robbery (00:03:56)
08. Shadowless - Midnight (00:03:05)
09. Whitman Speck - Butcher Of Plainfield (00:03:00)
10. Les Neurones en HP - Halloween Ft. Thugz Bunny
11. Stitchez - Take A Seat (00:03:18)
12. Epitaph The Mack - Shoot At The Floor (00:03:22)
13. Mr. Krank im Kopf - Schatten unserer Nacht Ft.
    Auzrazta (00:03:22)
14. Crackle Kapone - As I Sleep (00:02:09)
15. Ed Reyes - Halloween Nite Ft. Sicko (00:03:16)
16. 13 Amp - Nightmares Done (00:03:31)
17. Outbreak Monkey - Surgery Ft. Trips (00:03:00)
18. Colt - Suicide Ft. Eklypss & Pit (00:04:54)


This is the ninth installment of Devilz Nite, since
Menacide founded the compilation series years ago, and
passed down to me (Crossworm) in 2008. 

As a participant in the wicked underground for 15+ years
(as both a fan and an artist), I have seen many changes.
I have been lucky enough to watch a culture and a counter
culture form, grow, and change. Devilz Nite is a testament
to the challenges the wicked underground has overcome.
It is important to keep this alive, and to share this
compilation with everyone.

I clearly remember a time in the late 1990's, when the genre
was still brand new, and beginning to expand at an alarming
rate.  We all know the genre(s) trace back to much earlier
than that, but it was at this time, that it went worldwide.

The internet, and advances in the home studio revolution has
made it possible for most of this genre being able to reach
the level it is currently at.  Not to sound like a Dinosaur,
but it's important that we understand where we came from,
and where we are headed.

We all have an ability that we didn't have back then.  As
artists, we have the access to the technology and the means,
to make our craft as good as anything else, and we have the
heart to make it better.  We have the ability as fans to
access a pipeline of music and culture, that can shape
itself, destroy it, and re-create itself.

I think sometimes we all forget how easy it really is to
spread the word.  We don't depend on any outside genre
anymore.  We don't need to convert fans, or piggy back on
shows outside of our genre.  This is a new chapter, and I
invite everyone to participate.

Let's be reminded by Devilz Nite, that we are the Wicked
Underground.  We are many genres, many creeds, races, and
many nations.  But we are ONE culture.

We are the Wicked Underground.

Happy Devilz Nite.  Enjoy the compilation

- Crossworm
artwork by Crossworm

Download from FileSonic

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