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New compilation album from the Insane Clown Posse.  This album has songs that ICP was featured on and songs they had people featured on contained in 2 CDs.  The first one entitled Family and has artists on their label Psychopathic Records or its sister label Hatchet House.  The second CD is called Homies which has artists from multiple labels.  I think it'll surprise people to see some of the artists they worked with over the years despite ICP's reputation.  The album contains three new songs with Afro Man, Big Hutch, and Paris.  Some very nice songs on this double album.  The tagging of the rls sucks though.




Insane Clown Posse - Featuring Freshness


ARTIST: Insane Clown Posse
ALBUM: Featuring Freshness
LABEL: Psychopathic Records
STREET DATE: 2011-11-01
RIP DATE: 2011-10-29
RLS TYPE: Normal release
BITRATE: VBRkbit avg
SIZE: 235.68 megs
PLAYTIME: 02:11:48


A compilation of Homies and Family (Disc 1 Family) (Disc 2 Homies)


Disc 1/2

1.  Boondox (Feat. ICP) - Lady In A Jaguar
2.  Jamie Madrox (Feat. ICP And Blaze) - Put It Down               4:08
3.  ABK (Feat. ICP) - Keep It Wicked                               3:31
4.  ICP (Feat. DJ Clay) - The Party                                3:14
5.  Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - Marsh Lagoon                             5:15
6.  ABK (Feat. ICP) - Gang Related                                 4:23
7.  The Dayton Family (Feat. ICP) - The Gathering                  4:51
8.  Blaze (Feat. ICP) - Birthday                                   3:57
9.  Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - This Bitch                               3:12
10. Twiztid (Feat. ICP) - Always Fucking With Us                   3:45
11. DJ Clay (Feat. ICP And AMB) - Whoop                            4:19
12. ICP (Feat. Twiztid) - I Dont Care                              3:44
13. AMB (Feat. ICP) - Nightline)                                   4:16
14. Twiztid (Feat. Blaze And ICP) - Hound Dogs                     6:02
15. DJ Clay (Feat. ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, AMB) - Kept      10:07

Disc 2/2

1.  ICP (Feat. Three Six Mafia And Twiztid) - I Shot A Hater
2.  ICP (Feat. Capital E) - House Of Mirrors                       4:59
3.  ICP (Feat. Ice-T) - Dead End                                   5:16
4.  ICP (Feat. O.D.B.) - Bitches                                   3:20
5.  ICP (Feat. Mack 10) - Nobody Move                              3:54
6.  ICP (Feat. Kid Rock) - Is That You (Remix)                     4:22
7.  ICP (Feat. Snoop Dogg) - Shaggy Show                           6:32
8.  ICP (Feat. Bryan Abrams) - Truth Dare                          3:33
9.  ICP (Feat. Tech N9ne) - Mad House                              4:22
10. ICP (Feat. Bushwick Bill) - Out There                          3:31
11. ICP (Feat. Fresh Kid Ice, Vanilla Ice, MC Breed) - Swallow     3:10
    This Nut
12. ICP (Feat. Afro Man) - Lets Toast                              4:14
13. ICP (Feat. Tone Tone - Underground Hot Street Banger           4:30
14. ICP (Feat. Big Hutch) - Danger Party                           3:23
15. ICP (Feat. Paris) - Surviving Game                             5:13

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