Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheddar DVD What You Smokin On DVDRip

Cheddar DVD What Are You Smokin On

Cheddar DVD What Are You Smokin On DVDRip

For all my weedheads and professional bud smokers this drop is for y'all. Take note of the amazing pot in this hood dvd. For those interested check out our Cannabis E-Book Collection

Added to the Street DVD Collection

*Oh and if anyone got that "Silver Haze" shit and close to Long Island get at me LOL!! That shit is amazing.


What You Smoking On? | Cheddar DVD Magazine feat. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy & Snoop Dogg

With the recession squeezing the life out of the hip-hop industry (and just about every other industry), everybody is looking for a release. And CANNIBUS is that release. From Lemon Haze to Granddaddy Purp, the world's most commonly used illicit drug has made a helluva comeback. And with weed's popularity at ROCKSTAR status, Cheddar decided to pack up and tour the country to find out "WHAT YOU SMOKING ON?"

The 4's W's are covered throughout Cheddar's ganja journey. What strain you smoking? Who has the best bud? Where can you get it? What you tokin in? And they dno't stop there. They hit up the medican marijuana dispensary in Cali and the streets of Miami to taste the illest designer strains in the U.S. From Ohio to Atlanta, weed connoisseurs are repping their city.

Hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy are letting you know what they smoking on. And if you don't like to "smoke," we give you a lesson in "vapeing." It is the hottest trend out for getting the purest high. But let's not forget the dessert. We get to sample the Bay's best edibles and Chef Kapri drops an easy-bake kush cookie recipe. Join Cheddar DVD in his endless pursuit to find out "WHAT YOU SMOKING ON?"


01. 'What You Smokin On' Intro
02. Bilal's Hunt For Canibus
03. Miami's Grape Ape
04. Mass Weed Laws with Masspike Mile
05. Chef Kapri Kush Cookies
06. Buy Pot Legally
07. Kush vs. Purple
08. Snoop Dogg / Puffin' On Purp
09. Young Jeezy/Rick Ross (Blunt 4 Blunt)
10. Vaporizer Experience
11. Grow Your Own / iGrow
12. Exclusive THC Oil
13. What You Smokin' On (City 2 City)

RUN TIME: Approx. 70 Minutes


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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