Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio (10/28/2011)

On this Halloween Special Mista Montana and Menace are live from The Ancient Ram Inn, one of the UK's most haunted venues, containing reports of sexual demonic activity, an incontinent spectral cat and headless apparitions. Do the boys make it out un-bummed and free of cat wee? Listen now to find out!

On this show we have:

Immortal Technique joins us live on the show fresh from the release of his new album "The Martyr" available to download now. In addition to an analysis of his new 16 track release, we talk Middle Passage, including a producer lineup, tracks already completed and Immortal Technique's concrete plan of action for its release in 2012, along with the UK-release of his new documentary. Tech breaks down plans to work with DJ Muggs, answers fan questions and addresses the recent comment from Tyler The Creator regarding his music. Celebratory and refreshing, this interview is essential listening for hip hop fans worldwide.

Jedi Mind Tricks step back onto the show in the form of Vinnie Paz and we endulge in a feature-length 60 minute interview filled with emotion and truths as Vinnie tells the story of Stoupe. Far from a cautious affair, this interview explores the complex siutuation surrounding Jedi Mind Tricks, including Vinnie's years of torment whilst trying to publically protect Stoupe and keep a game face for the public. We also talk new albums, including Heavy Metal Kings' second album produced by DJ Muggs and Vinnie Paz's next solo album with production from DJ Premier, Psycho Les and features from Immortal Technique and Tragedy Khadafi. One of the most heart-felt interviews we have done and a must-hear piece of radio history.

The red carpet is rolled and Evidence rolls into the Conspiracy studio, joining us for a candid reflection and discussion on his new RSE released album Cats & Dogs and the making of some of its son. We also talk DJ Premier, new Dilated Peoples album, graffiti in L.A., particuarly critiquing the rumoured forthcoming law that writers buying spraypaint in L.A. will be potentially required to provide I.D. and their address with their purchase and much more in a swift but exact interview.

Rhymesayers Entertainment were with us in the form of artistic giants; Brother Ali, Blueprint and Grieves to talk about the highly-anticipated upcoming Rhymesayers European tour, particuarly focusing on their forthcomin show in Camden, London. In this family themed interview, we discuss live performance, strange tour stories, the importance of european fans, forthcoming material, Mr. Dibbs, Macklemore, Lilly Allen, learning from Slug, stage diving topless women and more! A unique listening experience.

Snowgoons and Reef The Lost Cause are with us on the show to discuss their new album together, as well as MOP's 10 track forthcoming release 'Sparta' and Snowgoons hopes to produce a track for Public Enemy in the near future. As action-packed as a Snowgoons beat itself this interview once again teases the audience with news of future projects including Snowgoons next album.

Seatle's Macklemore joins us from the otherside, engaging in a feature length interview with a recent-found consciousness and state of sobriety. In this northwest soul induced interview, Macklemore bares his wings, taking flight into a multi-directional interview discussing; his current spot as the most known unknown artist in Seatle, drug abuse, a forthcoming appearance in the UK, Rhymesayers, lyricism, philosophy, future projects and more! A must hear for both casual and diehard fans of Macklemore.

An excited Mr. MFN eXuire joins us for a dual-sided interview, breaking down his duality as an emcee and the differences between "the muthafu*cka" and the "esquire", for anybody who might be lost in translation. Beyond this, we talk visuals,The Last Huzzah, which he reveals was shot in his apartment using a shoe-string budget, working with El-P, ambitions on recording another remix with Necro, the internet, his name, his new album and forthcoming material with Danny Brown and El-P. We even discuss his subject, namely, PORN, with eXuire breaking down his favourite porn-stars, before gracing us with a freestyle on the streets of NYC as our interview comes to an end. Mr. Muthaf*ckin' eXuire is the future!

Lowkey takes a rare break from his busy schedule to join us on the show to discuss wolrd issues inlcuding Occupy Wallstreet, the UK Riots and his distain at media moguls such as Simon Cowell. Lowkey is an amazinlgy self-motivated and successful artist, whose words resonate in the minds of millions worldwide. This interview helps to personiify the voice behind the music and serves as a timely reminder that Britain REALLY DOES have Talent.


Freestyle Fellowship have a long-awaited album out and it was a pleasure to talk with Self Jupiter from the group and explore the history of one of hip hop's unsung supergroups, including their influence on other key icons in hip hop and the creation of their new LP.


Part 1 | Part 2

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