Monday, November 21, 2011



Doap Nixon-Doap Traffiking (The Rise and Fall of Darth Nixon)

i n f o

label........: n/a
date ripped..: 11.19.2011
date released: 00.00.0000
url..........: n/a

release size.: 75,1 MB
encoder......: V0
bitrate......: avg. 227kbps
mode.........: Joint-Stereo

tracks.......: 13
source.......: CDDA

ripper.......: CMS

n o t e s

peace to all the indy labels from

slice of spice
no sleep
chopped herrings
one leg up


we support and all promote and buy yall cd's all day !

blogs are gonnd rip it anyways and fuck blogs

the scene is meant for internal only !

not for the public and torrents .....

maybe someone who didnt know about you ugys will now!

d a t a

# t r a c k n a m e t i m e

01- intro feat blacastan [01:42]
02- the bizness feat blacatstan and esoteric [03:44]
03- wherever i go feat demoz helen sciandra [04:48]
and v zilla
04- darkside [02:44]
05- never look back feat outerspace [03:53]
06- heaven is still calling featcynthia [04:17]
07- legendary [03:07]
08- deadly sins feat hmk and king and the [05:35]
09- fly [03:26]
10- one more chance feat demoz [02:42]
11- bang feat apathy and celph titled [02:44]
12- outro [01:30]
13- bonus track [04:17]
(grand opening remix) feat reef the lost ca

75,1 m e g s t o t a l [44:29]



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