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Artist : Meek Mill
Album : I'm Mike Vickin' It 2
Label : Maybach Music Group
Genre : Rap / Hip-Hop
Street Date : Fall 2011
Quality : 221 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98r -V0 --vbr-new
Size : 131 MB
Time : 79:42 min
Url :


1. Meek Mill - Reeboks Back Feat Rick Ross 2:30
2. Meek Mill - The Finals Feat Rick Ross 4:37
3. Meek Mill - On Da Spot Freestyle 11:37
4. Meek Mill - Same Dream 2:34
5. Meek Mill - So Far To Go 3:44
6. Meek Mill - Ham Music 2:40
7. Meek Mill - Fitted Cap 4:22
8. Wale - Self Made 4:33
9. Meek Mill - Cookup 4:00
10. Meek Mill - The Cloud 2:25
11. Meek Mill - What Yo Name Iz 3:59
12. Meek Mill - Racks 12:19
13. Meek Mill - Made In Africa 4:31
14. Meek Mill - That Way 3:57
15. Meek Mill - By Any Means 4:03
16. Meek Mill - 100 Hunnit 2:46
17. Meek Mill - 600 Benz 5:05


This mixtape is so poorly made its not even funny.

Allow me to list some of the flaws that I noticed:

1) The most important one, is the bad skips on track 2. The first skips come
@ the 29sec mark. The next skips come @ the 46-47sec mark. Normally I would
give this a regular pardon as most bootlegs are not of the best quality but
these skips are BAD. I actually checked with another copy I had and its got
the same skips as well so it must have been this batch of mixtapes. Either
way its a bad pressing and when you listen you'll agree that the skips are
shitty. Whatever what can ya do right?

2) The tracklist has 18 tracks listed on it, but really theres only 17 on the
disc. The last track is suppose to be the Outro but it's not on the disc. And
it's not blended into track 17 either so I guess it was forgotten about when
pressing the discs. Check the tracklist.jpg to see what I mean. Typical...

3) They could have done a little better with listing the features too. I
tagged it just like the tracklist has it shown but there are alot of other
features on the mixtape and you wouldn't know it unless you listened to it.
Track 12 is actually the Remix featuring a ton of different artists so I cant
even begin to list them all. Actually it seems like they got lazy and just
stopped listing the other people featured.. lol..

And why they threw on a Wale track with this mixtape is beyond me.

Anyway its all about the music so take it or leave it with this one.



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