Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tanya Morgan - You & What Army

For Donwill and Von Pea, You & What Army marks another defining moment in their careers, a melding of their solo and group work into a unified, fully-formed sound. "The EP is a natural progression, in that it blends the production sounds that you heard on our solo albums into one cohesive set of songs," says Donwill. "We also were conscious of people noticing that the trio is now a duo, so we wanted to ensure that this and all future projects have a different sound and feel than Brooklynati and Moonlighting."

The EP is a combination of what Tanya Morgan is known for: conceptually driven tracks, mixed with songs that further exemplify how they've grown over the years. "Songs like 'In The City' and 'We Rollin' – both sound like something different for us," says Von Pea. "They tap into parts of our personalities you haven't necessarily gotten to in this way before." Production-wise, Von Pea was joined behind the boards by Astronote, Aeon and Brizzo, all of whom have previously pitched in for Don and Von's 2010 solo projects, Don Cusack In High Fidelity and Pea's Gotta Have It.

Overall, Tanya Morgan wants to inspire listeners with You & What Army, which is evident in the title itself. "The message in the music this time is more about self reliance than it's ever been," says Donwill. "It's about changing the world around you using whatever tools you have at hand. It's what we have built our career on. Von Pea echoes that sentiment as well, saying, "The whole idea is about not letting anything stand in your way. It's so much bigger than music or us – it's life in general."


Tanya Morgan - You & What Army

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