Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Artist .: ESG
Album ..: Family Bizness III
Year ...: 2011

Ripped .: 2011/12/26 Source .: CD
Retail .: 2011/00/00 Lang ...: English
Genre ..: Gangsta Rap Size ...: 112.37 MB
Label ..: G.O.A.T. Ripper .: TEAM FiH!

Encoder: LAME v3.98.4 -V0 --vbr-new
Quality: 222kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy V0.99 beta 5

Track: Track Titles: Length:

01- ESG - Ain't Even Hot Ft. Luv, Bread 4:26
02- ESG - Everyday Ft. Luv, L.E 4:33
03- ESG - Showin' ID 4:41
04- ESG - Let Em Kno Ft. Luv, Bread 5:20
05- ESG - Grindmode Ft. B-Dub, Bread 4:54
06- ESG - Hit the Blvd 4:55
07- Killa B - Walk Like Killa B 3:53
08- ESG - MashMode Ft. Luv, Bread 3:57
09- ESG - Say Shawty Ft. Bread, L.E 3:55
10- ESG - Same Niggas Ft. Mike Boogie 4:21
11- ESG - Family Bizness Ft. Killa B 3:08
12- ESG - Doin' It Ft. Big Cliff 3:37
13- ESG - A Lil Love Ft. C-Dezzy 4:03
14- ESG - Friends Ft. J-Stew 3:51
15- ESG - H-Town 3:59
16- ESG - Grindin' Ft. Bread, C-Dezzy 3:26

Time: 1h 06min

Anoter clusterfuck from "should have got a white man to put
this together" records. Lets start.

First, there's skips throughout track 9. They exist on the
CD itself, for proof check out the sample
http://www.sosouth.com/detaildownload.php?ID=9386 with the
same skips.

Next, the cover lists 17 tracks but if you look carefully
there's no track 5 so there's actually 16. It also lists
"Family Bizness" twice as tracks 9 and 13, when in reality
it's on once as track 11. Oh and track 15, H-Town, isn't

Now you'll notice if you went to that sosouth list that the
tracklist is completely different. Well what happened here
is "Family Bizness" at track 9 was missing, so all of the
tracks got bumped down a slot until we reached it's new
spot at 11. Than "H-Town" randomly appeared at spot 15.

Sigh, niggas. Anyways props to CR for ESG's newest album
"Owner's Manual".



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