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P R E D : 2011-12-24 S T O R E : 2011-08-30

A R T I S T : Edward Rogers
A L B U M : Warehouse 13 - Season 2
Y E A R : 2011
C O U N T R Y : International
L A B E L : Milan Entertainment, Inc.
G E N R E : Soundtrack
C A T N R : M2-36550
U R L :

S O U R C E : CD
T R A C K S : 19
S I Z E : 68.9 MB (72'270'345 Bytes)
E N C O D E R : Lame v3.98.4
Q U A L I T Y : VBRkbps / 44.1khz / Joint Stereo

N r. T i t l e D u r a t i o n

01. Warehouse 13 Main Theme 0:43
02. The Escher Vault 2:15
03. Soul Test 2:54
04. Welcome To Univille Tracking Claudia 2:25
05. The Iron Shadow 2:12
06. Claudia Meets Todd 1:59
07. Macpherson's Watch 1:52
08. Introducing HG Wells 2:58
09. Fargo Is Smitten 2:22
10. Hugo And The Babel Stones 1:56
11. A Kiss, A Zoetrope And A Catastrophic Failure 1:50
12. Remembering Philo T. Farnsworth 3:20
13. Secret Meeting 2:44
14. Pete Hallucinates 2:09
15. HG Wells' Time Machine 2:02
16. The Orchard 1:49
17. Christmas At The Warehouse 2:43
18. A Christmas Waltz 1:47
19. Warehouse 13 End Credits 1:00

Total Playtime: 41:00 min



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