Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)

Artist.......: Stalley
Title........: Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)
Label........: SMC Entertainment
Release.Type.: Remastered
Genre........: Hip-Hop
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME 3.98.4 -V 0
Quality......: 243 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2011-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2011-12-02
Year.........: 2011
Tracks.......: 18
Playtime.....: 1h 04min Total
Size.........: 112.55 MB
URL..........: http://www.stalley330.com

Release Notes

This is the remastered retail version of Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights, through
Fontana Distribution. This go around it was remastered by none other than Young
Guru. The difference between the two are pretty obvious in sound quality alone,
and there is also a difference in track listing.

Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1


01. The Tune Up 2:35
02. See The Milq From My Chevy 3:30
03. Slapp (feat. Rashad) 3:56
04. 330 3:56
05. Chimes of Freedumb (feat. Rashad) 3:34
06. The Night (feat. Rashad) 2:59
07. Pound 2:49
08. The Sound of Silence 3:35
09. She Hates the Bass 3:41
10. Hard 3:27
11. Chevys and Space Ships 2:16
12. Go On 3:42
13. Milq n' Honey 3:23
14. Monkey (R.I.P. Pimp C) 4:11
15. Tell Montez I Love Her 2:57
16. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop) 4:06
17. Summer in America (feat. Rashad) (bonus) 4:49
18. Lincoln Way Nights (Shop) Remix (feat. Rick Ross) 5:07



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