Saturday, January 7, 2012



1.DJ AGE- Intro (Prod By DJ AGE)
2.Dr Dre, Slim The Mobster & Sly- Back Against The Wall (Prod By Dr Dre)
3.Raekwon, The Game & Busta Rhymes- About Me (Remix) (Prod By Dr Dre)
4.Dr Dre & B-Real- Puppet Master 2 (Detox OG Remix)
5.Dr Dre & Eminem- Die Hard (Detox Exclusive)
6.Dr Dre & Ludacris- OGs Theme (Detox Exclusive)
7.Kendrick Lamar- Average Joe (Detox Protege)
8.Bishop Lamont- Grow Up (Prod By Dr Dre)
9.Dr Dre- Detox Dogg (Prod By DJ AGE)
10.Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg- Imagine (Detox Exclusive)
11.Dr Dre, T.I., Nas-Topless (Detox Exclusive)
12.Dr Dre & T.I- This Is Detox (Detox Exclusive)
13.The Game- Dr Dre Is The Best Of All Time (Prod By DJ AGE)
14.Dr Dre, Game, Snoop Dogg-Drug Test
15.Dr Dre-Kush (Detox Exclusive)
16.Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg & Jay Rock- Kush (Detox Remix)
17.David Cash, Crooked I & Horse Shoe Gang- Kush (DJ AGE Remix)
18.Eminem- Forever Dre Day (Prod By DJ AGE)
19.Dr Dre, Demitrean-Dungin Bars (Detox Exclusive)
20.Dr Dre- Dre's World (Prod By DJ AGE)
21.Dr Dre, T.I & Sly- Popped Off (Detox Exclusive)
22.Dr Dre Vs Black N Mild- Shyt Popped Off (DJ AGE Remix)
23.Dr Dre, T.I.-Coming Back (Detox Exclusive)
24.Dr Dre- Under Pressure (Detox Exclusive)
25.Dr Dre, 2Pac, Crooked I & Jay-Z- Under Pressure (2012 Super DJ AGE Remix)
26.Dr Dre & Swizz Beatz- Chillin (Detox Exclusive)
27.Dr Dre- The Whole Package (Prod By DJ AGE)
28.Dr Dre & Rain- Only In California (Detox Exclusive)
29.Dr Dre Vs DJ AGE- Nuthin But A G Thang 2012
30.Dr Dre & Bishop Lamont- I Dominate (Detox Exclusive)
31.Eminem- The Warning (Prod By Dr Dre)
32.Dr Dre & Sam Sneed- Drug Related (Detox Exclusive)
33.Knocturnal- Mind Yourself (Detox Exclusive)
34.O.F.T.B- Crack Em (Dr Dre Remix Exclusive)


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