Saturday, January 14, 2012



Truly one of the best and very few programs that I recommend for malware/spyware/virii.



Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO v1.60.0.1800



Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is a very
effective application especially
designed to keep malware away from
your computer. 
The first encounter with the
application is nothing special, but
we must admit that we really like the
simple interface.

As always, using a nice and clean
interface could be very well the ace
up the sleeve of any application, at
least as long as its functions are
powerful enough not to disappoint users.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware excels
from this point of view, as its
tabbed appearance provides a simple
way to browse among its main features.

The scanning process is pretty fast
too, regardless if there's something
wrong with your computer or not. When
scanning ends, the application
automatically generates a report in
which you're informed about the files
affected by malware, so that you can
safely take the most appropriate action.

The user can perform three types of
scan, "Quick", "Full" and "Flash",
with the last one specifically
designed to analyze memory and
autorun objects.

Cleaning is again a straightforward
process which takes only a few
seconds with a 100 percent cleaning
efficiency during out tests.

There are some settings too, plus a
FileAssassin function that lets you
delete locked files, so Malwarebytes'
application pretty much goes beyond
the anti-malware software category.
The "Settings" tab lets you pick the
objects you wish to scan, including
memory, startup items, registry, file
system and others.

All in all, Malwarebytes'
Anti-Malware is one of the most
powerful security tools on the
market, and although the freeware
version doesn't include realtime
protection, it's definitely a keeper.



1.) Unpack and install
2.) Check read_me.txt
3.) Enjoy!

If you can't understand how to install
or use this then please don't waste our
or anyone else time whining about bad
installation instructions.

Instead of blaming us for delivering
poor package try to read developer's
FAQ or program's manual. 

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